Hi friends!  I’m Renee, welcome to My Brave Wings!  I started this site to write about running, about life and about everything else that might come up!  My Brave Wings has celebrated almost 3 years online, and I hope to be around for many more years!

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I’ve been running since January 2012.  I began using the Couch to 5k app, and could barely run for 1 minute!  Now, I have completed 12 half marathons, I’m training for a full marathon, and I’ve completed  many other races and couldn’t be more in love with the sport of running.  I love the freedom and the challenge, to succeed, to fail, to push farther… It all depends on me, and allows me to be better, as a runner, as a person.

I never really ran until 2012.  Before then, I only ran if someone was making me.  I ran in gym class, and hated it.  I ran track in 7th grade, and hated it.  I ran during karate belt tests, because my rank depended on it.  And I hated it.  It wasn’t until I wanted to run…  When I wanted to run, for my health, for my own benefit… that is the only way it worked for me.  Once I made that decision, and started running for my own health, I realized I was falling in love with the sport.


Growing up, I participated in most of the rec sports, softball, soccer, basketball, etc.  I never truly excelled at any sport, but enjoyed playing them all through the years.  When I started high school, I joined a karate club, and spent 10 years learning the discipline.  I obtained my black belt at age 17, and was the first female black belt in my school’s system.  I learned a lot about dedication and perseverance.

I feel that the sport of running is a perfect fit for me.  I value the dedication it takes to continue improving.  I love that the sport is individual, I don’t need a class, or a specific time or place, I can do it anywhere, any time, with any one.  Before I moved to KC, I often ran with my mom, and since moving, I run with the KC Running Company Groupies at least twice a week, but I do enjoy running solo as well.  Most of my runs are in the evening, after work… I can run off the stress of my day, and always feel better after running.

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In early 2016, I began to attend cycling classes to supplement my running, and to help rehab a knee and back injury.  In early 2017, I began adding in srength training as well, and have seen marked improvements to my running with a more well rounded cross training regime.

Currently, I run 4-5 days per week.  Most of my runs are at an easy pace, either solo or with a friend or running group.  I usually try to incorporate a tempo or interval run each week, a few shorter runs, and a long run day.  I feel that with this training plan, I keep myself healthy, I’m able to gain fitness, and I won’t get burnt out!  I hope to run 3-4 half marathons per year and enjoy smaller races too.   Check out my favorite running things, including product reviews, my favorite blogs to read, and see my race schedule and  previous race recaps.

My mantra, in running, and in life, is “With Brave Wings She Runs.” The phrase comes from “Alis Volat Propriis” which is latin for “She Flies With Her Own Wings.”  I’ve also seen it roughly translated as “With Brave Wings She Flies.”  I love what this phrase means, and I’ve changed it from “flies” to “runs,” because I do feel that with my own brave wings, I am free.  I love the feeling I get when I run… the independence, the strength, the empowerment.


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A little more about me:  I was married in April of 2011.  James and I dated for 7 years before marriage; we moved to Kansas City in the summer of 2014, and we divorced in the summer of 2015.  I have a handsome little fur baby, Jasper, who cuddles when I need love, and entertains me with his antics.  I attended college at Fort Hays State University, in the same western Kansas town I was born and raised in.  In 2016 I met and fell in love with Chris, and we are getting married in the fall of 2017!

With My Brave Wings,

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