For each of my races, I keep a binder with my bibs and times.  I love being able to physically hold my progress in my hands and flip through the pages.  Memories wash over me as I remember each race I’ve ran.  My bib books are two of my most prized possessions.

Photo Aug 23, 4 32 19 PM

I also have a couple medal holders, and hope through the years, I can add many more medals to it. My half marathon medals are on the left side, and my other race distances are on the right side.

Photo May 06, 4 16 00 PM.jpg

I keep track of my weekly training runs in a planner, and on my phone.  This helps me track my weekly and monthly mileage, and look back to see my progress, how I felt during the runs, and what my upcoming training schedule looks like.

Below is my list of upcoming races on my schedule, and previous races I’ve ran since I started running in 2012.  I have race recaps on many of the races below as well. I look forward to being able to look back on my races and see my progress, much like I do with my bib book.

Upcoming Races:
10/20/18  Kansas City 10k in KC
11/22/18  Ward Parkway Thanksgiving Day Run 5k in KC
12/01/18  Jacomotose Trail Run 3 miler at Jacomo Lake in Lee’s Summit MO

Previous Races:
04/29/18  Trolley Run 4 miler in KC
05/06/18  Independence Half Marathon in KC (Race recap)
09/09/18  Plaza 10k in KC

04/08/17  Rock the Parkway Half Marathon in KC
04/30/17  Trolley Run 4 Miler in KC
06/03/17  Hospital Hill 10k in KC
09/23/17  Zoo Run 1 mile walk at the KC Zoo
10/15/17  Detroit Free Press  5k in Detroit, Michigan
10/21/17  KC Marathon 5k in KC

02/07/16   Kickoff 5k at Arrowhead Stadium in KC (Race Recap)
03/13/16   Whiskey Run 5k in KC (Race Recap)
04/09/16   Rock the Parkway Half Marathon in KC (Race Recap)
04/24/16   Trolley Run 4 Miler in KC (Race Recap)
05/14/16   Running with the Cows Half Marathon in Bucyrus KS (Race Recap)
06/04/16   Hospital Hill Half Marathon in KC (Race Recap)
06/11/16   Rock ‘n Sole Quarter Marathon in Milwaukee WI (Race Recap)
07/02/16   Wild West 5k in Hays KS
07/10/16   Shawnee Mission Duathlon at Shawnee Mission Park in KC (Race Recap)
07/23/16   Rock the Crossroads 5k in the Crossroads District of KC (Race Recap)
08/20/16   Diva Dash 5k in KC and the Blacklight Run 5k in KC (Race Recap)
10/15/16   Kansas City Half Marathon in KC (Race Recap)
11/12/16   Longview Half Marathon at Longview Lake in KC

01/25/15   Groundhog Run 10k at the Hunt Midwest SubTropolis in KC (Race Recap)
04/11/15   Rock the Parkway Half Marathon in KC (Race Recap)
04/26/15   Trolley Run 4 Miler in KC (Race Recap)
05/16/15   Scout Strong Challenge Half Marathon at the Kansas Speedway in KC (Race Recap)
06/06/15   Hospital Hill Half Marathon in KC (Race Recap)
07/04/15   Wild West 5k in Hays KS (Race Recap)
07/25/15   Rock the Crossroads 5k in the Crossroads District of KC (Race Recap)
08/29/15   Dot to Dot 10k in Overland Park (Heartland 30k series) (Race Recap)
09/07/15   Labor Day 5k at Leawood City Park (Race Recap)
09/13/15   Plaza 10k at the Plaza in KC (Heartland 30k series) (Race Recap)
09/20/15   Broadway Bridge 10k in downtown KC (Heartland 30k series) (Race Recap)
10/17/15   Kansas City Half Marathon in downtown KC (Race Recap)
11/01/15   Cliffhanger 8k in Northeast Kansas City along Cliff Drive (Race Recap)
11/14/15   Rock N Roll 5k on the Strip in Las Vegas (Race Recap)
11/15/15   Rock N Roll Half Marathon on the Strip in Las Vegas (Race Recap)
12/06/15   Great Santa Run 5k at Johnson County Community College in KC (Race Recap)

03/15/14   Run for the Green 4 Miler in Hays KS
04/12/14   Eisenhower Half Marathon in Abilene KS (Race Recap)
05/10/14   Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Hays KS
07/04/14   Four on the 4th in KC (Race Recap)
08/09/14   Herzogfest 5k in Victoria KS
09/01/14   Labor Day 5k at Leawood City Park in KC (Race Recap)
09/14/14   Plaza 10k at the Plaza in KC (Race Recap)
10/18/14   Kansas City Half Marathon in downtown KC (Race Preview) (Race Recap)

03/09/13   Hays Recreation Commission 2 mile Fun Run in Hays KS
04/06/13   4H Clover Run in Hays KS
04/26/13   Light in the Dark 5k in Hays KS
04/13/13   Eisenhower 10k in Abilene KS
05/04/13   Run/Walk to Help Children Talk in Hays KS
05/11/13   Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Hays KS
06/08/13   Ellis River Run 5 Miler in Ellis KS
07/06/13   Wild West 5k in Hays KS
07/20/13   Burnt Butt 5k in Hays KS
07/27/13   Schoenchen Mile in Schoenchen KS
08/10/13   Herzogfest 5k in Victoria KS
09/15/13   Hays Medical Center Stride 10k in Hays KS
10/05/13   FHSU Oktoberfest 5k in Hays KS

06/30/12   The Color Run in KC
07/07/12   Wild West 5k in Hays KS
07/28/12   Schoenchen Mile in Schoenchen KS
08/11/12   Herzogfest 5k in Victoria KS
10/06/12   FHSU Oktoberfest 5k in Hays KS