MM: August 28

Monday again!

Last Monday was exciting because of the eclipse! KC was in a prime viewing location, but unfortunately the weather got extra cloudy during the 2 minute window of totality. I got to see it start and lots of views during the whole show, though.

Photo Aug 21, 1 00 28 PM

While I was laid up, the back yard got a bit out of hand with the weeds and grass.  Jasper’s enjoyed playing “stealthy kitty,” and I think he was a little disappointed that Chris and I pulled a big majority of the weeds.

Photo Aug 22, 11 08 41 AM

Friday night, we drove up to St. Joe, and Chris’ band had a gig. It ended up being a really late night, but the venue was pretty cool, and all the bands did great.  They have another show coming up soon, on Sept. 9 at the Crossroads Music Festival!

Photo Aug 25, 11 59 53 PM

Saturday morning I had therapy, and got the ok to try deep water running. We went out and bought water resistant bandaids and I tried it out right away!,  It was a cooler than normal August Saturday, and the water was extra cold too, but once I got in and tried it out for 20 seconds, I know I need to wait and work up slowly.  My knee felt full (probably from therapy and walking around the mall and Target earlier in the day), and it felt kind of unstable, even though I wasn’t touching the bottom.  I went through the motions for less than a minute, and didn’t want to push it more, but I’m excited to try it again and slowly build it up.

Photo Aug 26, 4 06 23 PM

I’m super excited for this weekend, because we’re going to Hays for the weekend!  Have a safe and fun Labor day weekend, everyone!

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