A Week

I haven’t run since last Saturday.

It’s been 7 days since I’ve laced up my shoes and hit the pavement.  I last ran at the Rock the Parkway Half Marathon last Saturday.  It wasn’t a great race for me. It didn’t go as planned. I had a lot of feelings and emotions about lots of things that all came to a head during and after the half.

I decided I needed a bit of a break from running.  I needed to sort out some thoughts, figure some stuff out, and I knew my running shoes would be there for me, waiting.  I’m about to head out for a run.  My first run in a week.  I’m excited to head out for a run.

Running is patient, and I am learning to be patient with myself.  As so many things change in my life, I know running will always be there for me, fast or slow, long or short, 30 miles a week or 10.


6 thoughts on “A Week

  1. Sometimes I go from run to run, doubting my ability to even do this thing at all, much less to do it well. I tell myself that there will be good runs and bad runs, but “knowing” that and “feeling” that are not the same thing, at least not in the fevered mess that is my mind. In the end all I “know” is that I can still lace up and throw one foot in front of the other, never clear what kind of run I’ll have but knowing that I’m still able to try. As long as I can do that, I guess I will.

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