MM: March 13

Monday again! Last Monday night we had crazy storms.  But then the weather got pretty nice through the week, before getting cold and crappy and snowy again over the weekend.  The fountains were turned on at work during the week, so that was fun to watch, and then as  I walked to the other building, I had to stop and take a picture.

Photo Mar 08, 12 13 10 PM

Thursday night, Chris and I ran to see the fountains; the air was starting to get cooler, but we were glad to get one of our last runs at dusk done, YAY TIME CHANGE!

Photo Mar 09, 6 30 47 PM

Saturday, Chris and I ran on the treadmill since it was snowing. Jasper was sure to help me stretch and roll out my calf after running.  I got my new hypersphere massage ball, it vibrates, and is awesome. I’ll write a review soon!

Photo Mar 11, 12 57 42 PM

Saturday, I finally got my hair cut and colored.  It had been wayyyy too long.  It was snowing outside during my hair appointment, and it was nice to watch it snow globing while I was nice and toasty inside.

Photo Mar 11, 1 17 42 PM

Sunday, Chris and I met up with Carmen and Adam! We had lunch, and then went to the shooting range, hoping to shoot the bows, but unfortunately they had closed that section a couple months ago. We rented a couple lanes and shot a glock and a revolver for a while. It was a lot of fun!

Photo Mar 12, 3 39 46 PM

This week, I’m really excited to run in the evenings without having to worry so much about it getting dark so quick.   Have a great week!

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