MM: February 6

Last week started off great, I had good runs on both Monday and Tuesday.  The pic below is from my run Monday night.  Then Wednesday, Amy and I met up for a run, and the first 3.65 miles were great, feeling good, having a great talk while running, and then BOOM, I stepped wrong on a stupid walnut and sprained my ankle.  I twisted it and fell hard on my other knee, and DANG it hurt.  Amy actually ran and got her car and came back to pick me up.  I’ve not ran since Wednesday.  I saw my chiropractor on Thursday, and he confirmed it was sprained, but my tendons and ligaments felt in tact and ok.  He scraped it a bit and taped it, and now it’s black and blue and still puffy, but it is getting better. I may try to run on it later this week. Dang walnut!


Thursday night while Chris was at band practice, I went to happy hour with coworkers.  Definitely a fun group to work with.


I sent this text to Chris on Friday, he makes me laugh every day.


Friday night, Chris’ band had a show in the Blue Springs area, which was a lot of fun. Chris actually broke a string about halfway through the show, but kept playing like the rockstar he is.  They have another show in a couple weeks; should be lots of fun!


My boys.  Jasper loves him so much, he is always snuggling up to him.


Saturday  and Sunday, we got so much done! #adulting.  Sunday  morning we stopped and got some John’s Space Age Donuts, and ran a few errands before knocking out lots of chores at home.


I’m really excited for this weekend, Mom and Dad are coming to visit!  Have a great week!

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