Monday Mentionings: December 12

Good Monday morning! Less than 2 weeks until Christmas! Last week, I bought Chris’ and my stockings and put letters on them. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  And of course, Jasper’s tube and mousie are in the picture too.


It’s finally gotten really cold around these parts. Thursday night, it felt like 14 degrees with the wind chill, and that’s about as cold as I’ll tolerate for running.  I ran to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription, and ran home.  It was chilly, and once it got dark it felt even colder.


Friday evening was the work Christmas party.  My team is below, the 3 guys I work with day in and day out.  It was a great party, and I’m so lucky and grateful to have such a wonderful company to work for.


And of course I had to get a pic with my work bestie, Jenn.  We hung out most of the evening, and had some delicious finger foods and desserts.


After the work party on Friday, I went to Michelle’s apartment for a get together she was having.  It’s always great to see Belle, I’m so glad she is in KC now.



Saturday morning, I decided to get my long run over.  It was cold, but felt ok since I bundled up.  It was a rough run in terms of how I felt… I definitely haven’t been drinking enough water since it’s been colder out.  I really need to work on upping my water intake again.  I got through 8 miles, and then got some chores done before Chris came home from work.


Saturday night, we drove up to St. Joseph for his band’s show at Rendezvous.  The show was great, and I can’t wait to see them play again this Saturday at Captain’s in Lee’s Summit. If you’re in the KC area, you should definitely come out and watch his show (it’s free!!).


We got home really late on Saturday night, so we enjoyed sleeping in a bit, then ran lots of Christmas errands. By the time we got home Sunday evening, it was definitely time for relaxing.


Have a great week! Stay bundled up!

2 thoughts on “Monday Mentionings: December 12

    • Hmm let’s see. Harry Potter is on the left. There’s a smattering of running books in the middle, there’s the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and a small collection of other random books like the Elephant Whisperer, Marley and Me, and The Art of Racing in the Rain…

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