Monday Mentionings: December 5

Monday! Happy December everyone! Christmas is 20 days away!!  Last Monday evening, I wrapped some Christmas gifts, and Jasper was happy to help with the ribbons and bows.  He’s been enjoying sitting and licking the tree and/or batting at decorations just about every night.



Friday night, I went to Chris’ band practice with him, and spent a good majority of the evening playing with snapchat filters while they played.


Saturday morning, Chris and I ran hill repeats (his very first time running hill repeats!) and they were pretty awful, as hills tend to be.  But we got them out of the way, and then had some delicious burgers and went grocery shopping.


Saturday evening, we ventured down to Crown Center, and checked out the Union Station Christmas tree and some of the shops at Crown Center.  Chris hadn’t been to the Crown Center area, so it was cool to check out the sights, and it was really pretty with all the Christmas lights.


Then we went ice skating! I’ve been ice skating twice before, and Chris has skated hundreds of times, if not thousands.  Since he grew up in Michigan, he said he has been skating since he’s been able to walk.  Needless to say, I didn’t completely make a fool of myself… I didn’t even fall, not even once!


It was a lot of fun skating around for a couple hours.  I had to take lots of breaks because my ankles and legs were getting tired, but I think Chris would still be there if I would have let him stay! He probably could have skated all night.


Look at me, not even falling!  There were TONS of people falling, and I masterfully evaded all the fallers, even when they were falling right around me.  +10 points for agility.


After we skated, we walked around a bit more and grabbed some dinner at Panera, then went down to the Plaza to walk around and check out the Christmas lights there.


Sunday morning, we ran, and were sore a bit from skating the night before. After we ran, we drove up to St. Joseph for his band’s practice with a different drummer. It was a nice Sunday drive.


Last night, I finished up Christmas cards and got ready for the week.  My work’s Christmas party is this Friday, so I’m looking forward to that, and Chris’ band has a show Saturday night also, so it’ll be a fun weekend!

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