Monday Mentionings: November 7

Monday again, friends! Congrats to everyone who ran the NYC Marathon yesterday! I enjoyed seeing all your tweets and facebook updates throughout the race.

I had a pretty low key week last week, which was nice.  Monday evening, Chris and Jazzy had some bonding time while Chris was playing NHL (notice Jazzy sitting right in front of Chris, watching the TV).


Jazzy has also been super frisky and playful with the cooler weather.  He has been enjoying his tube quite a bit lately. When he’s not sleeping, he’s running around room to room at full speed, or sitting outside watching the squirrels and rabbits.


Speaking of squirrels, I saw a beautiful white squirrel while running last week, and then on Saturday, I saw him again! I don’t know if he’s part albino or what, but he’s definitely MUCH lighter than the normal squirrels around here.  I ran on the trails near my house, and also saw a deer.  I’m pretty sure the buck was down closer to the water.  I’m glad I was able to get my phone out and get a couple pictures.  There have been so many animals out this fall!


It’s November, and I’m still able to run in a tank top.  Insane weather.  This weekend it has finally cooled down a bit, but I was still able to run in tank tops both Saturday and Sunday.


Saturday evening, I went with Chris down to a record store in Westport, where his band opened at another band’s EP release party. It was a small space, but they did great! They have lots of shows coming up (see their upcoming schedule here).


Sunday morning, Chris and I drove out to Shawnee Mission Park to run.  It was such a gorgeous morning, but unfortunately neither of us had great runs.  We got our runs done, and explored a little bit while we were out there.


The weather was so nice, we sat and watched the lake for a bit before leaving.  We had lunch and drove around a bit, then got some ice cream.  Mmmm. Sunday done right.


With the time change yesterday, Jasper was hungry for dinner at 4:30.  He was pretty patient, but did cry and purr and want attention for a little bit before dinner.


I’m looking forward to this weekend, Mom and her friend Denise are driving down to KC and we’ll do the Longview Half Marathon on Saturday.  Runners, be safe running after dark!

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