Monday Mentionings: October 10

It’s Half Marathon week! Saturday is the KC Half!

Let’s back up to last week.  I bought some noodles while I was home last weekend (actually, I forgot to get noodles, and had to stop in Russell to pick some up before we were too far away from good noodle country), so I made my first batch of chicken noodle soup last week.  Mmmmmm it’s soup season!


Wednesday, I went out for 5-6 miles, and ended up with 7.  It was a great run, and I feel the most ready I have ever felt for a half.  Chris and I ran 7 miles yesterday, too, so this week will be a light week in preparation for the half.


Saturday, I met up with Carmen and had lunch and did a bit of shopping.  It was great to see her, it has been too long! We need to get together more often, for sure.


Yesterday, while I was running 7 miles, Kristen was absolutely CRUSHING the Chicago Marathon! She PR’d by 36 minutes (AHH!) and qualified for the Boston Marathon (AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!) too!!  I’m so incredibly proud of her!


This week, I’m going to hydrate hydrate hydrate, hydrate some more, and get good sleep in preparation for half marathon #11 on Saturday!

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