Monday Mentionings: September 26

Monday again, and FALL HAS ARRIVED! The weather was so nice and cool yesterday, and should be feeling like fall all week long!  Somehow, I only took a few pictures last week…

Chris and Jazzy have been bonding; Jasper has even cuddled up on his chest a few times.  Adorable.


About the only other pictures I have to share are from the weekend.  Saturday morning I ran the KC Zoo Run 4 mile race and got to run in the zoo, which was a lot of fun! Unfortunately, I’ve been having bouts of hives over the last couple weeks, and also unfortunately, I woke up covered on Saturday morning.  It was pretty warm at the race, and I ended up having my slowest 4 mile race time, but it was still a ton of fun running through the zoo, seeing the animals (the monkeys were watching us!), and being able to navigate the fun little zoo paths.  I met up with some work friends before the race; thanks RTS for having fun events and races for us to do!



Sunday morning, it was thunderstorming and raining, so Chris and I postponed our long run until a bit later in the morning.  It was still raining and drizzling, but it was such a pretty and great run.  We finished up with 9 miles on the day, and all of it was in the beautiful rain and cool fall temps.


Looking to this week, I hope to get some good miles in, and Chris and I are going to Hays for the weekend, which is going to be tons of fun! Small Town Western Kansas Hays America, get ready for a Michigander!

Less than 3 weeks until the KC Half Marathon!

Have a great week!

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