Monday Mentionings: August 22

What a weekend this past weekend was! Let’s start off with the week first.

Chris came home on Monday after being gone the entire week before.  Mom, Dad, and I booked flights Monday night to watch Kristen’s first Ironman next month.  Can’t wait to see her dominate that course and become an Ironman!

Wednesday night, I went on a quick run before Chris came over, then you can read (here) about how the cops were called because my Road ID app malfunctioned and set my mom off in a panic!

Thursday night I went down to the Crossroads to watch Chris’ band perform at an open mic night.  It was a lot of fun, I can’t wait to watch them play again.  You can check the band out here.

Photo Aug 18, 9 59 22 PM

Saturday was quite the day!  I ran the Diva Dash 5k with Amy in the morning, followed by brunch with the girls.

Photo Aug 20, 8 26 27 AM

Then, I ran the Blacklight Run 5k Saturday night with Michelle and some of her friends.

Photo Aug 20, 9 32 50 PM

I ended up having my 2nd fastest 5k Saturday morning, then topped it by having a new second fastest time Saturday night!  I’ll have a double race recap up soon!

Photo Aug 20, 9 40 01 PM

Sunday morning, Chris and I ran, and for some reason, every picture I took was blurry!  It was a gorgeous weekend for runs, definitely not typical August weather.

Photo Aug 21, 10 26 23 AM

Sunday evening was spent watching Harry Potter, and I got a surprise Red Wings shirt from Chris – I told him this would be the only Detroit/ Michigan shirt I could wear.  Plus I don’t know a thing about hockey.  GO ROYALS!

Photo Aug 21, 3 27 07 PM

Have a great week, I hope you enjoy the cooler weather while it lasts!

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