It’s My Run

It’s my run, not your run.

It’s my race, not your race.

I might run slower than you; I might run faster than you.

I might run farther than you; I might run shorter than you.

I might run less per week than you, but I may run more miles per week than you.

I might run for different reasons than you.

I might run different than you, and that’s ok. Because it’s my run, not yours.


Last October, I ran the KC Half Marathon for the second time, and decided to sign up for the full marathon for 2016.  Since then, I’ve ran 4 more half marathons, and decided I really don’t want to run a full marathon yet.  Someday, yes.  But not this year.  I lost my WHY, and signed up for a marathon, more because everyone else was, not necessarily because I truly and honestly wanted to do it.  I do want to attempt a full marathon, but this is not the right year for me to run a marathon.

In the end, I run for me; it’s my run.  I took that first step out that door four and a half years ago, and started running.  I get out of bed and run early in the morning, because it’s my run.  I run in the heat, after a hard day’s work, because it’s my run.  I run in the cold winter weather, bundled up so much you don’t know it’s me, because it’s my run.

I’ve run with many many people over the years, family, friends, strangers who are now friends, and even people who were once friends and are now strangers… But in the end, I run for me.

It’s my run.

4 thoughts on “It’s My Run

  1. When I ran the KC Half (three years ago????), my buddy ran with me, but by the time he wanted to sign up, the half was filled. So he signed up for the full and then only ran the half. Because the half was filled, they couldn’t give him a half medal. So they gave him a full medal instead.

    So if you’re not going to run the full this year, you might consider still doing the half. (And when you get to the split, you can make a last-minute, spontaneous decision.)

    • I had already signed up for the full, and a few months ago I switched it to the half. I want to tackle a full someday, but this year is not the year. I love the KC half! I’m excited to do it a third time.

  2. I have a full marathon on my bucket list, but I’ve been very injury prone when distance running (even at the half distance). It may not be in the cards for me. But, I keep it in the back of my mind, and I’ll see if I’m ready and able in the future at some point.

    Kudos for not tackling something that you don’t want to do! Have a great half this fall.

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