Monday Mentionings: August 1

Somehow it is Monday again and it’s turned to August already!  I only managed to take 4 pictures last week, not really sure how that happened.  It looks like this will be quite the short little Monday update this week!

Monday and Tuesday were pretty uneventful – I ran and cycled on Monday after work, and did a quick run on Tuesday after work.

Chris took me to the Royals game on Wednesday, which turned out to be a blast!

Photo Jul 27, 7 20 07 PM

I had my very favorite Royals drink while we were there, and it was even in this adorable little World Series mason jar!

Photo Jul 27, 8 25 50 PM

Chris wore a white shirt because he refuses to wear Royal blue.  We’ll see what we can do about that…

Photo Jul 27, 8 28 01 PM

Thursday night I went to the group run.  Friday Chris and I had pizza and watched the Royals.  Saturday, Chris and I ran 5 miles, then ran some errands around town and watched a movie in the evening.  Sunday morning, I ran 6 miles in the rain, then had brunch with Amy.

Photo Jul 31, 10 52 07 AM

That’s really about all that has happened this week.  I need to take some more pictures next week!  Have a great week, friends!

One thought on “Monday Mentionings: August 1

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