Monday Mentionings: August 29

Monday again! Not too much happened during this last week, but I’ve had a fun weekend full of running!

I didn’t really take any pictures during the week, so I only have one to share! Jasper kept trying to help himself to my leftover spaghetti last week. Silly boy.

Photo Aug 23, 12 36 07 PM

Saturday morning, Chris and I headed out for his long run for the week.  We got out a bit later than we should have, and the crazy rains we’d had earlier in the week and overnight left the day very humid and the trails were very muddy, so we opted for running on the sidewalks.  Chris ran his longest to date, 6 miles! And they weren’t easy miles, it was quite hilly and very humid.  We were happy to be done!

Photo Aug 27, 12 24 23 PM

Later on Saturday, we had a very healthy and nutritious dinner consisting of Five Guys fries and Baskin Robbins ice cream.  It was delicious.

Photo Aug 27, 6 19 42 PM

We spent the rest of Saturday night watching the Royals game and also the Tigers game.

Photo Aug 27, 8 33 49 PM

Sunday morning was time to run again, this time with Amy and KC Running Co.  Amy and I ran 7 miles of the 8 mile loop.  We had to walk up a few of the hills.  It was pretty humid out, even though it was early.

Photo Aug 28, 9 26 54 AM

Photo Aug 28, 9 16 00 AM

That’s about all I have to share for this week! I’m excited for Labor Day weekend, Chris and I are doing yoga on the outfield of Kauffman Stadium on Sunday before the Royals v. Detroit game, which will be loads of fun!

Have a great week, and if you are traveling for Labor Day, be safe!

Diva Dash & Blacklight Run Race Recaps

Saturday morning, I ran the Diva Dash 5k, then Saturday night, I ran the Blacklight Run 5k!  I have 2 race recaps and lots of pictures from my double race Saturday to share!

Amy and I won entries to the Diva Dash 5k, so there was no better plan than to run it together! It was a relatively chilly morning, for August, and it was misty and overcast.  We started conservatively, and picked up the pace each mile to end up with perfect negative splits (each mile was 30 seconds faster than the previous).  We came across the line in my second fastest 5k time, so I was thrilled, especially since I wasn’t in the mood to race!!

Photo Aug 22, 11 39 46 AM

After the race, we met up with Sandey and Melissa, and ended up going to brunch after the race.  Side note, there was SO MUCH PINK and SO MANY TUTUS at this race.  Pink overload, for sure.  (Sidenote: notice how I’m the only one not in pink! Stand out people!)

Photo Aug 20, 8 26 27 AM

5k #1 of the day DONE!

Photo Aug 22, 11 47 04 AM


Saturday evening, I met up with Michelle and lots of her Y friends to run the Blacklight Run 5k.  We ate a quick dinner a coupe hours before the race, then headed out to Sandstone Amphitheater for the race.  (Sidenote: notice how I’m dressed differently than everyone else.  Stand out people!)

Photo Aug 20, 7 26 15 PM

I ran into Derek before the race, this was his 24th 5k of the year!

Photo Aug 20, 8 10 19 PM

The weather was beyond perfect.  The sun had come out Saturday afternoon and burned off some of the humidity.  It was cool, breezy, and perfect.  Such amazing and unseasonable weather for August.

Photo Aug 20, 8 26 44 PM

I ran perfect negative splits (this time each mile was 20 seconds faster than the previous) again for this race, totally unplanned – I was tired and didn’t want to run a second 5k on Saturday, but pushed and ended up besting my 5k time from Saturday morning to pull out my new second best 5k time, only 20 seconds away from my 5k PR, which I was really proud of, considering I had already ran a 5k earlier in day!

Photo Aug 22, 11 52 02 AM

We all got back together after the race and celebrated by watching the after party, complete with exploding color packets, blacklights, and loud music.  We headed home a little while later, and I promptly showered and went to bed.

Photo Aug 20, 9 40 01 PM

5k #2 of the day done!

Running 2 5k’s in a day was fun, but not really something I’m looking to do again anytime soon! It was a tiring day.  It was really fun to run with lots of different people at different races.

Have you ever ran 2 races in 1 day before? I’ve done 2 races in a weekend before, but never 2 in a day!

Monday Mentionings: August 22

What a weekend this past weekend was! Let’s start off with the week first.

Chris came home on Monday after being gone the entire week before.  Mom, Dad, and I booked flights Monday night to watch Kristen’s first Ironman next month.  Can’t wait to see her dominate that course and become an Ironman!

Wednesday night, I went on a quick run before Chris came over, then you can read (here) about how the cops were called because my Road ID app malfunctioned and set my mom off in a panic!

Thursday night I went down to the Crossroads to watch Chris’ band perform at an open mic night.  It was a lot of fun, I can’t wait to watch them play again.  You can check the band out here.

Photo Aug 18, 9 59 22 PM

Saturday was quite the day!  I ran the Diva Dash 5k with Amy in the morning, followed by brunch with the girls.

Photo Aug 20, 8 26 27 AM

Then, I ran the Blacklight Run 5k Saturday night with Michelle and some of her friends.

Photo Aug 20, 9 32 50 PM

I ended up having my 2nd fastest 5k Saturday morning, then topped it by having a new second fastest time Saturday night!  I’ll have a double race recap up soon!

Photo Aug 20, 9 40 01 PM

Sunday morning, Chris and I ran, and for some reason, every picture I took was blurry!  It was a gorgeous weekend for runs, definitely not typical August weather.

Photo Aug 21, 10 26 23 AM

Sunday evening was spent watching Harry Potter, and I got a surprise Red Wings shirt from Chris – I told him this would be the only Detroit/ Michigan shirt I could wear.  Plus I don’t know a thing about hockey.  GO ROYALS!

Photo Aug 21, 3 27 07 PM

Have a great week, I hope you enjoy the cooler weather while it lasts!