Monday Mentionings: July 18

Happy Monday, friends! And welcome to any Pokemon people out there… my blog traffic has more than quadrupled with people reading my Charity Miles review over the past several days.  Apparently, with all the Pokemon Go playing, there are also people using Charity Miles to help raise money for their favorite charities.

Tuesday night I had a hot and steamy run after work.  I tried and failed at cooling off outside after my run.  Jasper was less than helpful.

Photo Jul 12, 6 50 31 PM

Jasper has also been fond of stalking shadows lately.  Nearly every morning while I’m getting ready for work, he’s transfixed with my shadow on the wall.

Photo Jul 12, 7 35 57 AM

Wednesday evening, I had a serious case of runcrastination.  With my best, Amy, out for a few weeks because of a foot issue, I’m having more solo runs than I’m used to, and it sure was hard to get out the door on Wednesday.

Photo Jul 13, 5 41 54 PM

Lots of pictures of Jasper this week! He was eying (and eventually, eating) my chicken, rotel, rice, and cheese mixture that I made into nachos during the week.

Photo Jul 14, 8 03 22 PM

Saturday morning, I met up with Chris for 4 miles on the trails.  I’ve been seeing Chris for about a week and a half, and we decided to tackle his longest run so far, together.  I smoothly locked my keys in my car right before we ran, too, so that was fun when we finished running.  For those of you wondering, Chris is a wonderful guy, but unfortunately, he’s a Detroit Tigers fan. I know, ya can’t win them all.

Photo Jul 16, 9 32 31 AM

Later on Saturday, I had a snuggle with Jasper, and then we fell asleep for a bit.  It was definitely a cat nap on a dog day afternoon type of day.

Photo Jul 16, 2 03 27 PM

So I’ve also been having some toe pain lately, over the last month or so.  I kind of figured I just needed to pop my toe, something was just feeling off, so Saturday I poked and pushed and pulled on my toe, trying to figure out the problem, and I’m pretty sure I have a stress fracture in my toe, or something.  It hurts near the end of my toe, every step I take, and has been that way for at least a month.  It’s not a terrible pain, but it is annoying, and after getting the opinions of two very wise people, I’ve decided to tape it up and see if it helps.

My run Sunday was extremely hot and humid, and my toe still hurt, but the taping didn’t feel any worse, so I guess I’ll keep it taped up for a while and see if it improves.

Photo Jul 17, 9 45 01 AM

Jasper spent a good portion of Sunday afternoon on the top of the fridge.

Photo Jul 17, 1 04 41 PM

Sunday I went to the pool with Amy and Joshua.  It was the first time I’d been to the pool with them this summer! We spent a lot of time going on the slides, and in the lazy river.  It was a hot day, and felt good to be in the water.

Photo Jul 17, 6 35 51 PM

Sunday night, Chris and I got ice cream to celebrate National Ice Cream Day.  It felt like the entire city was at DQ, it was very busy!

Photo Jul 17, 9 44 42 PM

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