Monday Mentionings: June 27

Apparently I haven’t felt like taking pictures lately! I have only a few photos to share from last week.

Monday and Tuesday I had a headache, I think mostly allergy related.  I biked on Monday and ran on Tuesday.

Photo Jun 22, 8 31 58 PM

Wednesday night I got to facetime a bit with my parents and cousin.

Photo Jun 22, 6 37 43 PM

I tried Pei Wei for the very first time, which isn’t as big of a deal as I’m making it, but it was good, and Jasper stole a noodle and ate it.

Photo Jun 23, 1 00 02 PM

Friday was food day at work, and I made this yummy ice cream sandwich cake! It was devoured.  Mmmm.

Photo Jun 23, 9 05 54 PM

Saturday I had a hair cut, and then promptly bought a new KC hat.  I think I have a hat problem! I love this one, it’s so comfy.

Photo Jun 25, 2 52 10 PM

I also saw Finding Dory over the weekend; it was really cute, and fit in well with Finding Nemo.  I’m looking forward to this weekend, I’ll go home with Amy and Michelle, and we’ll have a nice long weekend in Hays!

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