Monday Mentionings: June 13

Hello from Milwaukee! I’m visiting my sister and brother in law for a long weekend. I’ll be traveling home tonight. I only have time for a quick little post today, so here’s a few photos from last week and the weekend. I’ll write a trip post this week!

I got to FaceTime my parents sometime during the week, and said hi to Shay too! 

Thursday evening, I ran a few miles with Jenn and Amy. Then I packed and got ready to fly Friday morning! 

In the afternoon after I landed, we went to the zoo! Thayne took off and joined us!

Saturday morning, Kristen and I ran the Rock ‘n Sole quarter marathon (6.55 miles). It was a good race, I’ll write a recap this week!

Saturday afternoon we all biked a few miles to a nearby beer garden, then biked back. 

Sunday morning, Kristen and I biked 25 miles on the trails. It was fun to ride fast (for me) and try to keep up with her!

Today,we’ll work out at the gym, and then went a paddle boat or a kayak! I’ll fly home this evening!

Have a great week!

2 thoughts on “Monday Mentionings: June 13

  1. Right on. Part of what I like about the Huddle vehicle for discipleship is the group dynamic. Instead of traditional one-on-one, disciples participate as part of a larger group and get to observe and even have influence in the spiritual formation of the others. Which is more like what Jesus did, too.

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