Monday Mentionings: May 23

Another week has come and gone!  Last Monday, my parents went home after I left for work.  It drizzled and rained all day, and I cleaned up the apartment and relaxed after work.  I was sad to see my parents and sister leave, but I think Jasper was happy to have his peace and quiet back.  I’m thankful that I’ll be able to travel home this weekend for Memorial Day, and then a couple weeks later, I’ll visit Kristen in Milwaukee for a long weekend.

Tuesday, the sun came out! I ran 4 miles after work, and it was a pretty good run!

Photo May 17, 6 45 20 PM

Wednesday, I was planning on meeting Amy after my chiropractor appointment, and running a few miles.  Well, that didn’t quite happen.  At 4:53pm, she texted me and said she could get 2 tickets for the Royals game that was supposed to be on Monday, but was rained out.  I could tell Amy wasn’t super excited to go, but being the best she is, I talked her into it, and we had a really great time!

Photo May 18, 7 21 22 PM

We got some amazingly delicious Royal ‘Ritas to kick things off.  We saw some of Amy’s coworkers, and met up with some friends we knew at the game too.


Photo May 18, 7 38 02 PM

I even met KayCee Baseball! You can read a really neat story about him here.

Photo May 18, 8 54 55 PM

Amy and I had a great time.  I think it was just what Amy needed, even though she didn’t want to go in the first place.  We obviously didn’t end up running on Wednesday night, but that’s ok! Go Royals!

Photo May 18, 9 40 43 PM

Thursday night was Groupie night! Amy, Mark, and I had a great little run and chat, it was a perfect Thursday night!

Photo May 22, 5 40 14 PM.jpg

Thursday night after our run, I was trying very hard to write my race recap for Running with the Cows, but someone wanted to snuggle instead, so I had to take a break and snuggle.  He is seriously the most adorable.

Photo May 19, 8 55 26 PM

Photo May 20, 8 27 13 PM

Saturday morning, after running, Amy and I met up and had a Joe’s date.  MMMMMmmmm!!!  Lots of errands followed, and it was a fun afternoon with my best.

Photo May 21, 12 34 43 PM

Sunday morning, after 8 hard earned miles, Amy and I had the most amazing and brilliant breakfast idea ever.  We couldn’t decide if we wanted sweet or savory, so we ordered 2 chocolate chip pancakes, and a ham and green pepper omelet, and split it! Like I said, brilliant.  It was the most perfect and best breakfast ever after those 8 miles.

Photo May 22, 10 22 36 AM

Have a great week, friends! After a long or hard workout, what’s your meal of choice?

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