Monday Mentionings: May 2

Good Monday morning, and happy May! I can’t believe it’s May already, my birthday month! This week, I have one picture from each day last week, with a bonus for Saturday!

Monday evening I hit up the cycle class, and had a great sweaty class.  One of my favorite teachers is leaving, she teaches Saturdays, and I found out that another one of my favorite teachers (she teaches on Monday) is going to take over Saturday mornings. YAY!

Photo Apr 25, 6 33 01 PM

Tuesday night after running, Jazzy and I had snuggles on the couch while it rained outside. I had a good 5 miler, then watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty on TV.  I’d seen it before, and enjoyed watching it again, it’s a quirky movie, but good.

Photo Apr 25, 9 28 30 PM

Wednesday night, I had another good 5 miler.  I’ve had some good feeling runs lately.  I’ve also had some difficult runs, but there are ups and downs in everything, right?

Photo Apr 27, 6 48 51 PM

Thursday night was Groupie night! We did a slightly different route, which was fun, and hilly! These are good people!

Photo Apr 28, 8 26 02 PM

Friday night was full of more snuggles with Jazzy.  

Photo Apr 30, 8 31 23 PM

Bonus pictures for Saturday: Kristen ran a half marathon with her cousin Martilee, who has Rett Syndrome. Martilee won her age group (YAY MARTILEE!!!) and they both had a great time, even though Kristen was drenched by the rain. I’m so proud of Kristen and her willpower, strength, and bravery, running for Rett Syndrome, and inspiring everyone around her.

Photo May 01, 7 09 10 PM

Saturday, after running and cycling, I met up with Amy and Joshua, and we had lunch, then ran some errands. Joshua even came with me in my car, giving Amy a few minutes of silence! He’s pretty adorable, if I do say so myself.

Photo May 01, 7 09 34 PM

Sunday morning, Amy and I headed out for 7-10 miles, and finished out with 8 miles. I have been getting dizzy on my long runs, and unfortunately it happened again yesterday. Around 6-7 miles in, I got dizzy and chilled, and we had to walk quite a bit to finish up our run. We ended up walking about 2 miles at the end, which is frustrating, but I’m working on trying new things each time I run to combat the dizziness. I’m hoping a electrolyte/salt tab before and during the run will help next time, as well as my normal gu and water/gatorade.

Photo May 01, 12 18 23 PM

Have you ever gotten dizzy during a long run? Any tips? 

Favorite month? Mine is MAY!

4 thoughts on “Monday Mentionings: May 2

  1. I sweat beyond sweating during any cycle class I take and when I biked 30 miles outside on Saturday I noticed my bra barely got wet…aka ~ no sweat…well, it was 41 degrees but I was a bit surprised. Also, my toes on just my left foot were so numb…my right ones were fine…weird??

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