The April Run Down

April is over already, and as Justin Timberlake says, “It’s gonna be MAY!”

April started off with a bunch of group fitness classes! On Saturday, April 2, I did 30 minutes of cycling at my gym, before going to Michelle’s gym and doing a 30 minute Pound class and a 30 minute Kettlebell class, then running with Amy! It was a crazy day, and I was sore Sunday!

Photo Apr 20, 7 30 58 PM

I ran a total of 98 miles for April.  To be honest, I strongly considered running 2 more miles to make it an even 100, but with a long run on May 1, and with a really peaceful attitude about running lately, I decided it didn’t truly matter if I got 100 miles or 98, or 40.

I’m happy with my running right now, it’s feeling pretty good, and strong, and I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing!  So I ended with 98 miles for the month, which puts me at 309 for 2016.  After two months of low miles in January and February, I was happy to hit 105 in March, and 98 this month. I didn’t make it to as many cycling classes this month, but had some strong sessions for April.


My knee has continued to feel pretty good, and I’m trying stretch to keep it feeling good.  I had 2 races in April, the Rock the Parkway Half Marathon, where I did walk more than I wanted, but came out with my second fastest half marathon.  I have two weeks before Running with the Cows, and then 3 week after that is Hospital Hill!

I ran with the KC Running Co. groupies 5 times in April, and I had a handful of solo runs as well as many runs with friends.  I’ve continued to try to run a bit longer than I used to, running 5 miles on a weeknight instead of 3-4, and trying to run a mile or two longer on my long weekend runs.  I really feel strong lately, I think it’s a combination of running a bit longer, and also running a bit slower.

Photo Apr 14, 6 18 43 PM

Looking forward to May, I’m really excited for my entire family to come to KC for Running with the Cows! Mom and Dad are driving down, and Mom will run the half marathon.  Kristen is also flying in, and she’ll race the 5k.  I’ll be going home for Memorial Day, so I’m also looking forward to running with Mom!  How was your April? What races do you have coming up?

April Run-Down:
Running: 21 runs, totaling 98 miles.
Cycling: 6 cycling classes, 4 hours, and a few bike commutes to work, totaling 59.5 miles.
Longest Run: 9 miles, April 23
Races: Rock the Parkway Half Marathon and the Trolley Run 4 Miler

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