Monday Mentionings: April 18

First things first, happy Marathon Monday to everyone running the Boston Marathon this morning!

After having a bit of a running rut after the Rock the Parkway half marathon last weekend, I’ve had some great runs toward the end of last week, so that definitely made me feel better, and back on track with things.  I had a good 5 mile solo run last Wednesday, 3 miles with some of my favorite Groupies on Thursday, a successful cycle class, followed by a treadmill run and weight lifting on Saturday, then a really strong 8 miler on Sunday with Amy at KC Running Co.  It’s amazing how good it feels after a strong, hard run!

Photo Apr 17, 8 07 24 PM.jpg

Photo Apr 14, 6 18 43 PM

Jasper was extra pesky when I had salmon and veggies for lunch one day last week.  He not only wanted the salmon, but he wanted the broccoli and corn and green beans too! I’m not even joking, he ate a bit of all of it!

Photo Apr 14, 12 37 51 PM

Friday, I got some good news at work, and Michelle and I went out to celebrate that, and also to have our last official roomie bestie dinner together, too! She moved out Saturday – that 2 months went F.A.S.T!  We went to BRGR, which has the very best burger in KC, in my opinion, and pretty dang amazing truffle tots and mac and cheese too.  Tasty meal, the best company.

Photo Apr 15, 7 49 57 PM

Lots of memories these last two month, I’m so glad to have had this experience, with the best roomie ever.  I’m glad she’s only 2 miles away, because I miss her already!

Photo Apr 16, 4 43 38 PM

Saturday, after my cycle class, treadmill run, and lifting session, all I wanted was nachos! I got my fill at Freebirds.  Those were some yummy nachos.  The rest of Saturday consisted of running errands, helping Michelle move some boxes, and moved some stuff around in my apartment.

Photo Apr 16, 11 53 09 AM

Starting on Saturday, it began raining in Hays, and has rained 4-5 inches.  I saw a meme that is pretty accurate… “So, you want rain in Kansas? Here’s a year’s worth of rain at once, so your basement will flood.”  Mom and Dad went out several times and looked at Big Creek, some of the ponds, and other areas of town that are prone to flooding, it’s pretty insane how much rain there was.

Photo Apr 17, 7 47 59 PM

Left: Around noon on Sunday at Big Creek.  Right: Around 6:00pm Sunday night, the low water bridge at FHSU.  Photo credit: Donna Fleharty

After running with Amy on Sunday morning, we ate breakfast with Michelle, then I had a wonderful nap, and watched the Royals play.  Jasper basked in the sun for a while, which is rare, because he gets warm so quickly with all his black fur.  The rest of the evening, we just relaxed, which was nice!

Photo Apr 17, 5 17 56 PM

This weekend I have the Trolley Run on Sunday, and hope to get a long run in on Saturday.  Have a great week! Do you have any races this weekend?

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