It’s Spring!

Spring is here in Kansas City, and I couldn’t be more excited! I like all of the seasons, but towards the end of winter, I am just done with it! I want warm weather, light evenings, and non-brown landscapes.

Some of my favorite things about spring:

Lightness in the evenings!
Being barefoot.
Not having to wear a coat.
Flowers and trees blooming.
Animals out and about doing their fun little animal things.
Race season is around the corner!
No gloves, ear warmers, or multiple layers to run in.
Sandals, and with sandals, pedicures!
Baseball season is close!
Being able to have my screen door open.
The smell of rain.
Birds chirping.
Tons of people outside walking, biking, playing in the parks…
Craving salads and fresh fruits and veggies after heavy winter meals.
Warm sunshine on my face.

Photo Mar 09, 6 33 10 PM.jpg

What are some of your favorite parts of spring?

Anything you don’t like? For me, it’s my allergies.  UGH!


4 thoughts on “It’s Spring!

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