Monday Mentionings: March 7

Hello March! Let’s jump right into my week.

Jazzy and Michelle have become quite the buds, after Michelle came back from her trip, Jasper was happy she was home, and even slept with her for a while Monday night.  So precious.

Photo Feb 29, 9 35 47 PM

My tattoo has healed up quite nicely, and I got to put my bracelets back on!

Photo Mar 02, 10 57 44 AM

Oh Jazzy.  I put some of his toys up that were all over the floor, so I could vacuum.  Once it was safe to come back out (he’s afraid of the vacuum), he laid by them.

Photo Mar 05, 5 41 46 PM

Wednesday and Thursday I had solo runs, because Amy was feeling under the weather. Wednesday’s run was more of a tempo, and I was super happy after finishing.  Plus, I was happy that it was still light out!! Thursday’s run was amazing, the longest run with no walking in quite some time.

Photo Mar 02, 6 22 00 PM

Friday night, I had some wine, some pizza, and some House of Cards.  The 4th season debuted on Friday, and so far I’m 4 episodes on (no spoilers please!!)  All I can say is OH. MY. GOSH.

Photo Mar 04, 6 09 13 PM

Jasper was pretty unimpressed with House of Cards, but he did play with his hedgehog quite a bit.

Photo Mar 06, 10 49 41 AM

Saturday was such a great day too.  I went to cycle class, then met Amy for a 4 mile run.  It felt so much like spring outside.  There were people walking and biking and running everywhere! The sun was so warm, there was a breeze, it was just fantastic.

Photo Mar 05, 10 56 26 AM

After the run, we played around with snapchat and face swapped a few times.  Because we are 12 years old.  We giggled like we were 12, anyway.

Photo Mar 05, 11 05 12 AM

Later on Saturday, Michelle and I went to Chipotle for some amazing burritos, then spent several hours on the balcony soaking up the sun.  Michelle got some organizing done, and I painted my toenails.  And we sat in the sun and just enjoyed life.

Photo Mar 05, 8 20 06 PM

Sunday morning, after running with Amy, I got groceries, including cat food.  Jasper decided it was time to eat the cat food, right now.

Photo Mar 06, 10 33 50 AM

Later on Sunday, I went to the bike store to see about getting my bike tuned up.  A couple hours later, I had traded in my old bike, bought this pretty girl, and was proudly and happily riding her home.  I’ve named her Aspen.  She’s really pretty.

Photo Mar 06, 4 36 54 PM

Michelle and I made some bomb spaghetti for dinner on Sunday night, then did some Walmarting and got a blizzard at DQ.  It was the perfect end to a perfect weekend.

Photo Mar 06, 8 59 00 PM

I have a 5k coming up on Sunday, and THE TIME CHANGES ON SUNDAY!!!  I hope everyone has a fantastic week!


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