Monday Mentionings: February 15

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a good Valentine’s Day weekend! I had a great weekend, but more about that later!

The week started out with a free burrito from Chipotle! Jasper helped me eat it.

Photo Feb 09, 1 08 20 PM

Wednesday morning I got up and made it to cycle class before work, which was a fabulous time. I even wrote a post about how great it felt, and how I feel when I see this picture.

Photo Feb 10, 6 46 46 AM

Jasper has been such a great roommate to Michelle, he watches over her things when she’s not in her room, keeps the chair warm for her, and loves eating some of her food so she doesn’t get too full.  But really, he has been super good with having another body in the house.  I was a bit worried that he would feel overwhelmed, but he’s been such a good boy!

Photo Feb 10, 8 11 53 PM

Saturday morning, I got all dressed up as warmly as I could to volunteer the Sweetheart 5k with Amy.

Photo Feb 13, 7 50 57 AM

The race was good, but dang it was COLD!  I was ok once we started clipping the timing chips off the runners’ shoes, but my goes got so cold that they felt like they were burning. I had to go inside a few minutes before the race was over, because I couldn’t stand it any more.  They were SO. COLD.  I took my shoes off and tried to warm them up by rubbing them, but they were still just burning with cold.  Finally, I asked Amy to sit on my feet, so I could let my feet suck the warmth from her butt.  Hah!  It worked though, and about 10 minutes later, they felt better, but all day after that, they felt tender.  I guess next time, I’ll need to put some feet warmers in my shoes.

Photo Feb 13, 9 15 36 AM

After the race, we checked out the KC Running Company expo, which was filled with race vendors, clothes, speakers, etc.  The discounts on the races were so fantastic! After the expo, we went to lunch at Longboards in Mission, which was ahhhh-mazing.  After that, we ran a couple errands and then went back to the expo for more race discounts!

Photo Feb 13, 11 31 53 AM

Also on Saturday, I bought a pair of cycling shoes!! I’m really excited about these shoes.  Cycling shoes have a hard sole, so your foot can’t bend, which helps on the pedal, because you get more power and also it’s not as stressful on your feet.  I bought them at the Trek store, and had them attach clips to the bottom of the shoes, so I’ll be able to clip into the pedal, which is also more energy efficient, and keeps your foot in the right place on the pedal.  I can’t wait to try them out at class tonight!

Photo Feb 13, 3 27 37 PM

Sunday morning, Amy and I had plans to meet up late morning, when the weather would be warmer.  We had a 5 mile run, and toward the end, my calves had had enough.  They were super sore from squatting down at the race Saturday trying to clip the chips off the runners’ shoes, and trying to be nice to my left knee, I put a lot of pressure on my left calf, and it is sure tight, but it’s way down low, not somewhere that I can stretch it.  It made the run pretty painful toward the end, but it was great to be out in the sunshine and have seasonably warm-ish temperatures.

Photo Feb 14, 11 36 10 AM

After running, I joined Michelle at the Olathe Y for some zumba! It was the second class I’ve taken this winter,  both with Belle!  It was a lot of fun, but again, my dang calf was sore!

Photo Feb 14, 4 15 24 PM

Belle and I both wore our tie-dye’d zumba shirts from 6 years ago! I can’t believe it was that long ago! The pic on the left was right after we tie-dye’d them in January 2010 and wore them to zumba class in Hays, and the pic on the right is from today! Besties for life!

Photo Feb 14, 6 06 05 PM

After zumba, Michelle and I hung out, made some queso, and I chilled with Jazzy on the couch.  He was my valentine this year, and it was perfect.

Photo Feb 14, 6 45 57 PM

I’m looking forward to a weekend with my parents, and warmer weather this week! Have a great week, friends!

4 thoughts on “Monday Mentionings: February 15

  1. Looks like a great weekend except for the cold toe thing…YUK!

    I have thought about buying actual cycling shoes too but just haven’t made the jump….maybe soon???!!!! 😉

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