2 Weeks


I have to take two weeks off from running.


I saw a doctor yesterday about the pain I’ve had in my knee/behind my knee for 2-3 months.  And it turns out I “most likely” have a lateral meniscus tear.  The x-rays, along with Dr. Khadavi‘s physical indicate I have a tear in my meniscus, along with a hamstring strain.  He has instructed me to take 2 full weeks off from running, and continue to work on strength exercises, along with cardio from the bike or elliptical.  He gave me a cortisone shot in my knee joint to help reduce the pain and swelling.

I’m hoping for the best results, which would be a significant reduction in pain, and the ability to resume my regular runs; however I have to be prepared for the worst results, which would mean a scope to clean out my knee.  This is the same knee I’ve had surgery on in the past, to repair my ACL.

I’m frustrated because I have so many goals this year, and I desperately want to meet them.  I want to increase my milage, run half marathons, get through full marathon, and keep running and growing.  I am not giving up on any of my goals this year, but 5 days into the year I have a setback. I’m going to work on strength and try to keep up my endurance through other means of cardio, and hopefully not be too set back when I’m able to run again. 

I know it’s only 2 weeks, but it feels like much longer.  I’m going to try to keep a positive attitude, and I realize that 2 weeks is nothing compared to a lifetime of running, which is ultimately what I want more than a mileage goal for the year, or a race or two. I want my knee and my body to be happy and healthy, and for running to be pain free, and to be able to run for the rest of my life. 

I’ve been in pain with this knee for several months, I’ve been hoping it would just feel better, and I was nervous to make an appointment with a doctor because I was scared of what I would find. Honestly, my knee has felt a bit “off” since my ACL repair in 2008, never as stable and solid as my right knee.  I WANT to be able to run for the rest of my life, so I know it is necessary to take this break and heal my body so that I CAN run for the rest of my life.

That being said, I’ll take any positive vibes you want to send my way, just aim it at my left knee.  Meanwhile, I’ll be in the gym, working to strengthen the muscles around my knee to help the poor little gal out.

Photo Dec 08, 7 24 32 AM

12 thoughts on “2 Weeks

  1. I guess this is where the brave part of your brave wings comes into play.

    For what it’s worth, my son (older than you) has/had the same knee problem and surgery. He ran my first marathon with me, and he ran the same one again in October. Plus, he has gout in one of his ankles.

    You got this, Renee. I know I’ll be seeing you on the trails.

    • Thank you Paul. It means a lot that I have friends who support me and will help me through this! I hope to not have surgery, but if it’s needed, I’ll get through and come out stronger than before. 🙂

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