Great Santa Run 5k

A couple months ago, at the KC Half Marathon expo, I picked a slip of paper out of a hat at the KC Running Co. booth, and that slip of paper told me I won a free Great Santa Run 5k race entry!  This was a really fun race, and honestly, not one I had even considered doing.  I generally avoid “theme” races.  I’m not really sure why, but I just don’t really sign up or run themed races for holidays.  But, since I won this entry, and I do love Christmas, I figured, WHY NOT!?

Mom was kind enough to find me a Santa hat to wear, because I don’t really own any Christmas stuff to wear!  I wore my sparkle skirt (because i really like it and it’s sparkly and fun and cute and sparkly) and my green KCRC shirt, because again, I don’t really have any Christmasy clothes!  So Amy picked me up bright and early, and we headed over to Johnson County Community College to run!

Photo Dec 06, 8 30 08 AM

We got to the race with plenty of time to use the bathroom, take a picture with Santa, and chat with friends.  Amy and I found lots of fellow KC Running Co friends in the starting chute, and before you know it, we were off and running!

Photo Dec 06, 8 56 59 AM

Me, Phil, Amy, and Tanya

The weather was just about prefect, considering it is December! It was sunny and mid-40’s.  I was a little cold at the start, my fingers and face, but once we got going, I warmed up perfectly.  I think there were about 850 people running and walking the race, and there was Christmas music playing several places on the course.

KC Running Co. had a fun little game, they had “Buddy the Elf,” AKA Gerardo, AKA Mr. Speedy Man, started after everyone else started, and whoever was able to finish the race before Buddy the Elf got their race fee refunded!  Needless to say, it was not very long at all before Buddy the Elf passed me!

Photo Dec 06, 11 30 38 AM

Photo courtesy KC Running Co.

The first mile of the race was super packed.  Lots of weaving in and out of people.  Next time, I should start closer to the front!   The course began with a bit of a downhill, followed by a decently large hill that finished up the first mile.  By then, I had made my way around lots of walkers and settled in.  But unfortunately, then we ran into the wind for a bit, and I realized I made a mistake by heading out so quickly! I had to walk a little bit when I was a little past halfway.  I just ran out of breath!

The second half was not as good as the first half, but I still finished the race with my second best time I’ve ever put up for a 5k.  Once I crossed the line and found Amy again, we watched a few friends finish up, and headed inside for breakfast!

Photo Dec 06, 9 42 23 AM

Breakfast was made by the KC Chefs Association, and was a nice way to celebrate the fun run, and the last race of the year!  The kids had a fun run inside, on the track, and there were lots of families hanging around, which made it a really fun atmosphere.  After we ate and had chocolate milk, we had another fun pic with Santa, and headed our own ways!

Photo Dec 06, 10 55 52 AM

Overall, this 5k was really fun, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to run it.  I’m also really glad to be finished racing for the year.  I’ve had a fantastic year of races, but lately, I’ve been feeling burnt out on the racing part.  Don’t get me wrong, I love running, and I love KC Running Co, and the races, but I’m glad to be done with the race part for a few months!

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