Christmas Decorations

Happy December!! It’s time to decorate for the holidays!  My short little Thursday post today is about decorating for Christmas!  Since I’m on my own this year, I don’t have a lot of room, or a lot of Christmas decorations, but I went ahead and put my tree up last night!  Let’s guess how many times it gets knocked over by Jazzy… I’m guessing 6 times…

Photo Dec 02, 8 42 19 PM

I also decorated my little countertop with my “new to me” Santa that used to be Grandmas.  Grandma used to have hundreds of Santas out for Christmas, and Mom has had lots of Santas too. It’s about time that I have a Santa figure of my own.

Photo Dec 02, 8 43 58 PM

I’m also gearing up to write out some Christmas cards this weekend, and hopefully wrap some gifts too!  Only 3 short weeks until Christmas!

Photo Dec 02, 8 48 43 PM

Lastly, I brought a few small decorations to work this morning to put around my desk.  Everyone at the office has lots of holiday spirit, which is wonderful!

 Happy Christmas and Merry Holidays to everyone!

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