Best and Worst about Las Vegas

As you know, I was in Las Vegas during the last week, for the Rock ‘n’ Roll 5k and Half Marathon over the weekend.  Las Vegas truly is a fabulous city, and there are a few things I love about Las Vegas, but there are also a few things I hate about Las Vegas.  I’ll try my best to post race recaps and Vegas posts this weekend, but for today’s Thursday’s Things post, here are the best and worst things (in my opinion) about the great city of Las Vegas.

Photo Nov 13, 3 05 54 PM

Las Vegas Bests:

Las Vegas is by far one of the best places, EVER, to people watch.  People of every possible nationality, every shape, every background, every sobriety.  People watching heaven.  I could happily just sit and watch, all day.

Music.  All the time.  Everywhere. Like Kristen said, it’s like the soundtrack for your life! Every casino had music, walking on the street there was music playing, or bands playing, or people banging on pots and pans and drums.. there was always music playing!

Photo Nov 14, 5 35 01 PM

The Bellagio Fountains.  I’d only been to Las Vegas one time prior to this trip, and my favorite part of my last trip was watching the Bellagio fountains.  Unfortunately, we only got to see one full show with music during our trip last week, but it was beautiful, and I’d love to watch more.

Las Vegas Worsts:

SMOKE.  UGH.  Enough with the smoke already.  It’s like nobody in Las Vegas got the memo that smoking causes lung cancer.  I hated walking through the smoky casinos.  Gag me.

Photo Nov 12, 12 18 45 PM

There is absolutely no possible way to walk or drive anywhere in a straight line.  This way and that way and up and down and around that thing and through that casino, and around that walk way.  The only time during my entire time that I got from point A to point B in a straight line was running the half marathon, on the strip, with no cars! But even then, it was dodging around people and random bits of clothing!

Very little Dr. Pepper.  Only a few restaurants had Dr. Pepper.  What a shame.

Have you been to Las Vegas? What was your favorite part?  More Vegas posts to come this weekend!!

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