Monday Mentionings: November 2

Happy November, Friends! I started the last week of October off by running around a new area (to me) with the Best! We ran to and around Heritage Park, including the little lake.  It was really pretty, and we ended up running each mile faster than the previous mile, for a nice little unplanned 4 mile progression run.

Photo Oct 26, 5 32 58 PM

Tuesday, Amy and I ran together again, this time, near my apartment, before the World Series game.  It was rainy and drizzly, and Jazzy had a good time watching the squirrels and rabbits rummage around below.  Amy and I had a nice rainy 4 mile run before I watched the Royals win!

Photo Oct 27, 5 30 00 PM

While we were watching the World Series, Jasper decided to take his half of the couch.

Photo Oct 28, 9 11 45 PM

I took Wednesday night off from running, but did go see the chiropractor.  Thursday evening, when I got home, this bracelet was waiting for me in my mailbox! A coworker showed me these Bravelets, and fell in love, and ordered one right away.

Photo Oct 29, 5 48 18 PM

Saturday was Halloween, of course, and I spent Halloween morning running with the Best, and the evening with the Bestie.  I finished October with 103 miles, and wrote my roundup here.  Perfect Halloween!  Michelle and I watched the Royals game and watched trick or treaters at a friend’s house!

Photo Oct 31, 8 54 45 PM

Photo Oct 31, 8 55 24 PM

I saw this costume earlier on Saturday, and it easily is the best costume ever.  I could never be as cool as this elephant tiger.  Never ever.

Photo Oct 31, 9 19 58 AM

Sunday morning, after a wonderful extra hour of sleep (the ONLY good thing about Daylight Savings Time is the 1 night with more sleep.  Booooo!) Amy picked me up and we went up to northeast Kansas City to run the Cliffhanger 8k.  You can read my race recap here.

Photo Nov 01, 10 13 03 AM

Jasper was very intrigued by my dryer today.  He sometimes tries to jump up onto the washer, but this time he really wanted in the dryer, so I lifted him in there while I was putting clothes away, and he was just as happy as a little clam in there.

Photo Nov 01, 12 37 54 PM

And to end the weekend, last night, I watched the Royals win the WORLD SERIES!!! THE WORLD SERIES!!! Dem Roys! What a time to live in Kansas City!!

Photo Nov 01, 7 45 12 PM

Photo Nov 01, 11 33 11 PM

Have a fantastic week! Party like it’s 1985!

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