Monday Mentionings: October 19

I have a few things to share with you from my week! First of all, could we be having a more beautiful October? October is like the Saturday of months, I love October.

Tuesday, I found an amazing little turtle friend on the trail during our KC Running Co. Groupie Speed Night run.  I found him on the warm up of a 5 mile tempo run, so he spent the run with me.  His name is Timothy.  =)

Photo Oct 13, 7 11 32 PM

Wednesday, Amy and I ran a few miles on the trails after work, and of course, we both wore our orange visors.  Best friends think alike? Same shirt too, but not the same color this time.Photo Oct 14, 5 31 02 PM

Thursday evening, I ran a few miles with the KCRC Groupies to shake things out before our half marathon on Saturday! We had a nice run with good friends.  Best way to finish out the week!  Have I mentioned how much I love running in October? Perfection.

Photo Oct 15, 8 36 24 PM

Friday, after work, I met Amy at the Kansas City Marathon expo.  Mom couldn’t make it to the expo, but she was on her way to KC! We got our packets, picked up some shirts and other fun stuff, and then grabbed some groceries to make our spaghetti dinner!

Photo Oct 16, 5 23 45 PM

Spaghetti dinner and sparkling wine.  With Mom and Amy.  And with the Royals winning game 2 of the ALCS.  Best Friday night.

Photo Oct 16, 8 11 25 PM

Saturday morning, we were up in the 4’s to get ready for the race.  E.A.R.L.Y.  Amy came over, and we headed to Crown Center for the race! We kept warm inside, then checked our bags, used the bathroom (again), and jumped (literally, climbed over the guard rails) into the corral with about 10,000 of our closest and bestest running friends!

Photo Oct 17, 6 20 24 AM

I will have a race recap up sometime this week, once the official photos are released.  Until then, here’s a pic of several friends and fellow Groupies, and of Mom, Amy and I with our medals!  I will spoil it a little for you, and tell you that I PR’d my half marathon time by almost 11 minutes!!

Photo Oct 17, 10 29 01 AM

Jenn, Mom, John, Amy, and Me

Photo Oct 17, 10 57 53 AM

After the race, we came back to my house, and foam rolled, facebook’d photos, and called family.  Jazzy “rolled” a little too.

Photo Oct 17, 3 29 48 PM

Later on Saturday (felt like about 9pm, but it was really like 4 since we had been up since way before it was light out!), Mom and I got some BBQ at Joe’s, found some good deals at Scheels, and watched the Royals win.  We were home and ready for bed relaxing by 8:00!

Photo Oct 17, 4 37 40 PM

Sunday, Mom and I met Amy and we ran a couple shakeout miles, then went to Yoga at Lululemon.  Boy, were my quads and lower back stiff.  Yoga felt really good though, stretching things out a bit.

Photo Oct 18, 10 36 11 AM

We at lunch and ran a few errands, including stopping to take pics outside of Trader Joe’s.

Photo Oct 18, 8 21 14 PM

Mom and I visited Edgar the Swan after we dropped Amy off.  We actually found out that his name is Fred (someone who lives right there by the pond told us), but I think Edgar is a better name for him.

Photo Oct 18, 2 29 22 PM

This week, I’m excited to cheer on the Royals as they take on Toronto and win the ALCS! World Series or BUST!

Photo Oct 14, 8 49 33 AM

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