26.2 in 2016

There are about 570 marathons across the United States each year (over the past several years). There are approximately 550,000 marathon finishers annually in the USA, and statistically, about .5% of Americans ever run a marathon. Now I’m not sure how many of those marathoners are “one and done,” but it’s a pretty special accomplishment to have completed a marathon. So, before the soreness of my latest half marathon has worn off, I have committed myself to the KC Marathon next October. 

In just under a year, I will be able to include myself in that .5% of Americans, and that’s freakin’ awesome. Let’s take a moment to let that sink in. In 361 days, I will tackle 26.2 miles. At once. With my own two feet. That’s more than a lot of people drive in one day, let alone run (and walk) at one time.

Just how did this all come about? Well, over the last several months, I’ve been considering, silently and internally, the marathon. I have now completed 6 half marathons (race recap to come soon for the KC Half Marathon I just ran this past weekend). The natural progression would be to think about doing the full marathon. But that’s a long way. Twice the distance. And half marathons kick my butt! Why on earth would I want to run twice the distance that already kicks my butt? But alas, I’ve been thinking and mulling the marathon over. And really, what do I have to lose?

I have several reasons to run a marathon, and several reasons to NOT run a marathon, but mostly, I want to see what I can do. I have trained hard over this past year, and have seen tremendous progress and accomplishments within myself over the past year. I want to see what another solid year might bring me. And I also want to be in that .5% of Americans. That’s a prestigious statistic, and I know that I can do it, and I want to do it.   Will I do a second marathon? Only time will tell. I haven’t been able to find a percentage of people who have done two or more marathons, but as I’ve said before, “never say never.” 

I would have never considered myself a runner before I started running in 2012. And now I’m on track to run about 1000 miles this year. 

I would have never imagined I could do a 5k, until I did in 2012, and now I’ve done countless 5ks. 

I would have never thought I could do a half marathon, until I did in 2014, and now I’ve done 6, and dropped my time by over 10 minutes. 

And next year, in 2016, I will be a marathoner.

12 thoughts on “26.2 in 2016

  1. It’s going to bit you like a bug, infect your blood and you will forever be looking at lotteries, reading recaps about the best PR courses and day dreaming of the BQ. Trust me 🙂 (and YAY!!)

  2. Good luck working towards your goal! The marathon is still on my bucket list. I hurt myself attempting my first last year and it was a slow recovery. But your mileage is much higher than mine, so I am sure you will do great! I didn’t train smart and was my own undoing. I hope to try again some day.

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