Monday Mentionings: October 5

It’s Monday, and I’m in Milwaukee!  Quick little update for the week, because I just finished a 5 mile run out by the lake with Kristen, and I think we are going to grab a bite to eat before I take her Cycle class at the gym!

Last week Monday, I was stalking my blog stats, like I do… and I noticed, and kind of had a mini-freak-out that I was 1 visitor away from 20,000 unique visitors to my website!! I NEVER would have imagined that my site would have grown the way it has in the last year and a half.  I’m so thankful for all my readers and followers; I appreciate all of the friends, love, and support I’ve gotten!!  I’m way over 20,000 now! YAY!

Jazzy.  Most adorable bear, ever.

Tuesday and Thursday nights, we had fun Groupie runs, I always love running with my friends at KC Running Co, and have loved running in this gorgeous fall weather.  The leaves are changing on the trails, and it’s becoming fall quickly!Oh Jazzy.  He wanted to get all packed in my suitcase and come with me to Milwaukee.  Poor little guy.  He has had a rough couple of days, and kind of freaked out a little bit on Amy yesterday.  I think he has some pent up energy, and misses me.  😦

He did give me some snuggles and kisses at 4:30 in the morning on Saturday, before I headed to the airport.  Miss this little one.The plane rides up to Milwaukee were interesting.  The first flight, to St. Louis, was only half full, and I had basically the back half of the left side all to myself! It was a quiet, quick flight.  The sun was gorgeous coming up as we flew East.  Once I got to St. Louis, I had a short layover, then had a fairly full, but quick flight to Milwaukee. Landed in Milwaukee, and immediately met Kritta Bug, and went to Splash Studio to paint a tree! Krista, aka Kritta, lives in Madison, and drove down to Milwaukee to run the Lakefront Marathon on Sunday.  She stayed at Kristen and Thayne’s too, so we got to hang out all afternoon and evening on Saturday night.
Splash Studio was a lot of fun, and we all successfully painted pretty fall trees, had some beverages, and didn’t get any paint on our faces or phones.  Success. 

Spent lots of time chilling on the couch, snuggling with kitties.  Little Mookie! I’m so glad I met this little moo last year. And Tucker, such a handsome fella. 

Sunday morning, early, we sent Krista off to run her marathon, and Kristen and I ran what was supposed to be 10 miles, but ended up being 7.5 miles… I am not quite used to the cooler weather yet, and my lungs weren’t super happy.  That, and I didn’t drink much water Saturday, unfortunately.  All of that is no excuse for a bad run, because tons of runners were about ready to start the Lakefront Marathon, but alas, it wasn’t a fantastically amazing run, like I’d hoped!Kristen, luckily, got me through the run, headlamps and all.  The lake was “angry,” as Kristen said, and it was kind of misty for a while.  Generally, though, it was a pretty run.After our run, we quickly showered, and headed right back to the lake, to volunteer at the finish line of the Lakefront Marathon!  We spent several hours blanketing the marathon finishers in their space blankets.It was amazing to see the emotions, including the pain and the euphoria, of all the amazing finishers.  One of the best parts of volunteering was to congratulate and blanket Kritta in love and warmth! She qualified for Boston, for the second time, which is HUGE!! Congratulations Kritta!After the Marathon, there were more kitty snuggles, and delicious bierocks.  Also, I got to watch most of the last Royals game of the regular season, which was kind of sad. I’ve really enjoyed watching as many games as I could this year, and it’s kind of sad that it’s over. BUT, it’s not really over yet, because the postseason starts this week!Today, Kristen and I will see a movie hang out the rest of the day.  I fly back home tomorrow, and then it’s back to the grind.  Have a fantastic week, everyone!

4 thoughts on “Monday Mentionings: October 5

  1. Congrats on your blog visit volume!

    Sorry about your disappointing Sunday run. I, too, had a disappointing lakeside Sunday run in foreign lands: Creve Couer Lake near St. Louis. Cold and windy. No hills and, sadly, no Garmin so I had to rely on the sometimes-confusing trailside markers to tell me how far I went. I called it five miles (but I think it was more like 4.8).

    • Thanks!!

      Today’s run made up for yesterday’s bad one. Tends to be the way it goes! I did 5 miles with Kristen along the lake and breakwater. Then 1 on the Woodway treadmill at Kristen’s gym before taking her Cycle class. I feel much better today!

      Runs in new towns are always challenging. I like to think it makes us stronger.

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