T3: Throwback MKE Photos

I only have time for a short little Thursday’s Three post today… and what better to share than a throwback of 3 of my favorite photos from my visit to Milwaukee last year with Mom and Dad, because I’m going there in a couple days!

Dad biked along on Kristen’s bike while Mom, Kristen, and I ran along the lake and out to this cool spot on the breakwater.10686930_10100167702834743_6358949953763758455_nWe got lost explored a corn maze and had a fun afternoon at the Mukwanago Harvest Fest.10698600_10100167700823773_3690059755173642974_nAnd Kristen and I… doing what we do.10387475_10100167703423563_5025743714326524623_nI can’t wait to visit this weekend.  I’m looking forward to running by the lake with Kristen, cheering on the Lakefront Marathoners, and snuggling a couple cuddly kitties.  I’ll be sure to share lots and lots of pictures!

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