T3: I Can’t, I Won’t Run Without These Three Things

I’ve had some fantastic runs lately, and I was thinking the other day about what I MUST have with me when I run.  I came up with three “must haves” before I can hit Start on my Garmin.  Now, my Garmin did not make the list, because if I run on a treadmill or if my watch is charging, or if I do a run by “feel,” watchless, obviously I would’ have my Garmin!  There are three things, though, that I will always have, or feel 100% lost without on a run. 1. My Road ID bracelet.  I actually don’t go anywhere at all without this! It’s always on my wrist, and I would feel naked without it, especially for a run.  You can read my review of the Road ID here, and I highly recommend carrying an ID if you run, walk, bike, hike, have allergies, etc.  It’s an inexpensive way to potentially save your life someday.  (It’s still over 3 months til Christmas, but a Road ID is a GREAT stocking stuffer!)

2. GUM! Gum in my mouth is a must have.  On the rare occasion that I have no gum to roll around my mouth, I am suffering!  I didn’t always run with gum, and I don’t generally chew or gnaw on it, but having a piece of gum in my mouth really helps to keep my mouth wet and to keep my jaw relaxed.  If you have problems with a dry mouth (I, for one, have problems breathing out of my nose when I run!), I highly suggest having a piece of gum to just kind of roll around your mouth. 3. A good, quality pair of running socks.  Outfits can change, I don’t always wear a hat or sunglasses, but I will not run in socks that are not running socks.  I prefer Feetures or Swiftwick, but have also tried SmartWool and Thorlos.  A quality pair of socks, made specifically for runners, can do wonders for your feet.  I have no chafing, no blisters, no rubbing weird, no problems at all since I started wearing specialty running socks.  They are a little on the expensive side, but if you care about your feet, it’s worth the $10-$15 per pair to buy a few pairs.

Of course, there are really many things I like to run with, my visor, Garmin, specific shoes, my favorite sports bra, etc, but the three things I listed above are MUST HAVES.  I will whine and complain if I don’t have my gum or a good pair of socks, and I always have my Road ID on, no question about it.

Are there any specific things you absolutely must have when you run?

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