Monday Mentionings: September 7

I have so much to share with you today for Monday’s Mentionings, I’m going to do a little “one sentence per photo” to get through them all!  Not too much happened Monday evening.  Tuesday, I ran with the Groupies for speed night, but no pictures to share from Monday or Tuesday, so we’ll start with Wednesday this week.

KC Running Company, and a huge bunch of fun running friends celebrated the Leawood KCRC Store’s first birthday on Wednesday evening!
Photo Sep 03, 5 01 34 AMThere was a delicious looking cake, that I didn’t eat, because it’s No Sweets September.Photo Sep 02, 5 22 55 PMA run with fwwwiends is the best kind of run. 🙂Photo Sep 02, 6 10 42 PMRan with Amy Thursday morning before she went on her weekend trip, so spent my Thursday night watching the Royals and coloring.Photo Sep 03, 7 58 31 PMMomma came to town on Friday, and the first thing we did was go for a (hot) run!Photo Sep 04, 6 22 12 PMHad to take a shadow running selfie too, naturally.Photo Sep 04, 6 26 25 PMSaturday morning we got up and went for another run, and we really didn’t plan on matching our shirts… it just happened.Photo Sep 05, 7 56 57 AMWe made our way to the City Market, and spent a few hours walking around, sweating, and shopping.Photo Sep 05, 12 22 58 PMWe followed our City Market trip with a trip to Scheels and found ourselves a bear.Photo Sep 05, 3 18 24 PMPlease note: this is not a real fish; I did not catch this fish.Photo Sep 05, 3 21 29 PMSaturday evening, we went to Pinot’s Palette for some wine and painting!Photo Sep 05, 6 49 03 PMWe had about a half a bottle of wine before we even started!Photo Sep 05, 6 58 15 PMBefore, background, and silhouette.Photo Sep 06, 8 35 20 PMWe have elephants!11781641_10100329930923353_2341268003039052229_nThe final touch was a little butterfly by my elephant’s tail!10620630_10155954159975333_5784804710098187193_nMy finished product!Photo Sep 05, 10 12 46 PMMomma didn’t quite have enough time to finish, thus the sad face.10660194_10155954159795333_7600995287216064613_nI had so much fun with Mom during this class!Photo Sep 05, 10 22 30 PMSunday, we spent the day at the K, beginning with yoga on the outfield!Photo Sep 06, 9 21 48 AMI got sunburnt at the game, but we did have seats in the shade, and had a fabulous time.Photo Sep 06, 11 50 31 AMThis morning, we are running the Labor Day 5k together, look for a race recap later today!

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