Labor Day 5k Race Recap

This morning was the 25th annual Leawood Labor Day 5k! Mom was in town for the long weekend, and we planned to cap off our fun girls’ weekend with the Labor Day 5k.  After a hot and sunny Friday night run, and a steamy and sunny Saturday morning run, and a hot day walking around the city market Saturday, and then a super hot and sunny and sunburny day Sunday at the K for yoga and a Royals game, we were blessed with RAIN all morning this morning!

I have a short little recap for the Labor Day 5k; I didn’t take too many pictures, because it was either raining, drizzling, down pouring, or about to rain.  Amy came over early this morning, and we headed over to Leawood City Park for the race.


After we picked up our packets and pinned our bibs, we were ready for the race!  The 5k course was the same as last year, and was flat and pretty.  We took our quick selfies before and after the race, and that’s about it, so that’s what I have to share with you today!


Tanya photo bombed us. =)



Hard to tell, because we were wet from the rain before and after, but this was our “after” photo.  Amy had a 40 second PR, and Mom and I had a great run together in the rain.  By the way, running in the rain is just the best.



The race was well run, the ice cold water bottles and fresh hot pancakes were great!  This is a nice little Labor Day run, a fantastic spot for a PR, because of the lack of hills!  A few hours after the race, Mom and I met up with Belle to have lunch and have some Target adventures.



This was the perfect way to end the amazing Labor Day weekend with Mom.  Be sure to check out the rest of the weekend: Yoga and Royals game – A Day at the K and Monday’s Mentionings – Recapping the Fun Weekend with Mom!

Next weekend is the Plaza 10k, race 2 out of 3 in the Heartland 30k Series!

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