Yoga Day at the K

Mom is hanging out in town with me this weekend, and among other super fun things we had planned, we had our Sunday scheduled to spend at Kauffman Stadium, first with yoga on the outfield, followed by breakfast with the yogis, and then watching the Royals and the White Sox for the afternoon game.  It. Was. A. BLAST!

We got to the stadium bright and early, just as the sun was coming up.  We got checked in, and hung out with the other yogis before we got to go on the field.  We were there so early, the stadium workers were cleaning and power washing the seats from last night’s game.  That early.


We all marched onto the outfield, and saw Alex Rios playing catch and doing drills.  Later on during the practice, there were a few other players playing catch, and a pitcher warming up.  I couldn’t see who it was, but I have a feeling it may have been Rios and Herrera, since they are still quarantined from the other players due to the Chicken Pox (?) but I’m not sure.  We got our mats all set up and were ready to go!


I’d guesstimate there were about 150-200 yogis on the outfield and about 20 instructors walking around assisting.  The music and main instructor’s mic were played through the stadium speakers, so everything was loud and massive and awesome.

Photo courtesy of Royals Twitter.

Photo courtesy of Royals Twitter.

I will say that I spent a lot of time looking around, taking it all in, and not as much time as I should have focusing on my yoga practice… but when else will I be able to do yoga ON THE OUTFIELD of Kauffman Stadium!?


Sue Park taught class, and the practice itself was pretty basic, but considering there were yogis of all backgrounds and abilities, and probably some people who have never practiced before, but wanted to have this amazing opportunity, and the fact that it was already steamy and hot and sunny, the practice was perfect!





After class, we had a bit of time for photo ops and socializing with other yogis.  We did some fun poses in the grass, and I attempted doing some headstands, but without a wall, I kept falling over! I’m making progress though.


LOVED this opportunity!


We made our way to the outfield warning track, and a few other yogis were “jumping into the wall” like Cain making a play… so of course, we had to try too!



Had some more photo ops on the way out off the field, and then made our way past the dugout and out to breakfast.




All in all, yoga on the outfield was an amazing and fun opportunity, and I’m so happy that Mom and I were able to partake.  BUT, we weren’t done with our day! We had a light breakfast, and then had a couple hours to kill before the game.  It was also Mike Sweeney Bobblehead day, and we got a couple bobbleheads on the way in.

Photo Sep 06, 11 23 48 AM

We found our seats, which were LUCKILY in the shade!

Photo Sep 06, 11 50 31 AM

I found my new “dress,” a $200 Salvy jersey that went halfway down my thighs.

Photo Sep 06, 12 01 57 PM

We had to get some treats during the game, and they were quite delicious.

Photo Sep 06, 7 10 20 PM

Right after Dyson and Moose homered, we met the Pope!

Photo Sep 06, 3 00 08 PM

Most unfortunately, the Royals lost the game, and the series, to the White Sox.  I will definitely keep my eyes out for an opportunity to do yoga on the outfield again, because that was a fun time.

I’ll be sure to recap the rest of our fantastic weekend tomorrow, so be sure to check back!

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