T3: Reminders for Your Life

There is far too much bad, sad, and heartbreaking news in today’s world.  It’s far past time for this to change.  I know it’s not going to change overnight, but I also believe people are inherently good, and sometimes a change in thinking can have a profound effect on the outcome of your life.  With that being said, I think everyone can agree that we tired of sad news all the time, so have a few simple reminders for your life.  If just one person reads this and a change occurs in their heart, this post will have been a success.  I challenge everyone to read these three reminders, and truly take a moment to let them sink in.  Take them to heart.  See how they might change the hour you are in, or the day you are having.  These three reminders this week are uncomplicated concepts, but have been reoccurring themes in my yoga classes and running meditations lately, so I wanted to share…

1.  You are greater than you know. Your worth is worth it, so give yourself a break.

2.  Spreading kindness is free, contagious, and rewarding.

3.  The world will be a different place after you close your eyes and take three deep breaths.


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