Thursday’s Three: My Ultimate Wishlist

I really feel like I have nothing to write about today… so I’m going to share three wishlist items that’ll likely never happen, or at least not for a really really REALLY long time! They’re on my ultimate wishlist.  Of course, if I could really make wishes come true, I would end cancer and sicknesses and people killing people, etc, but today’s post will be about fun things I’d love to have…

1.  An Alaskan Cruise.  I went on a cruise to the Bahamas for my honeymoon, and also had a cruise to the Bahamas when I was 9 or 10 years old, to celebrate my grandparents’ wedding anniversary.  I really like cruising on a cruise ship.  I think my ultimate cruise experience would be an Alaskan Cruise.960_alaska2. A Woodway Treadmill.  I’ve had the amazing and wonderful opportunity of running on a Woodway treadmill twice.  They are just about the most amazing way to run that’s not outside.  I don’t particularly like running on a treadmill, but over the last few years of running, I appreciate their functionality during bad weather, or for people who have to be at home because of kids.  The couple times that I’ve had the opportunity to run on one, it was pretty nice.  Woodway treadmills have slats instead of a belt, which imitates road running much more than a traditional belt treadmill.  They are also super quiet, and use way less electricity, as well as having less need for maintenance.  New Woodway treadmills cost as much as a small used car, but new ones are -only- a few thousand dollars!treadmill-86598-41769293. A Personal Chef.  Who wouldn’t want someone to prepare all your food for you? I’m not really into cooking, and I would certainly eat better if someone personally prepared my food for me.  Think of how much time it would save, too! More time for running and yoga! Less stress about dinner!delicious_1_-466x347I’d LOVE to know what’s on your ultimate wishlist! Share away!

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