Monday Mentionings: August 10

Happy Monday, friends!

Last week, I received my Race Dots in the mail! I won them on Twitter, and can’t wait to put them to use (and write a review) soon! They are strong magnetic dots that secure your race bib to your shirt, eliminating the use of safety pins and the holes they can leave in your shirt.Photo Aug 04, 7 25 35 PMI was home for part of the day Thursday, because of a huge issue with my past cable company, Time Warner Cable (takeaway: DON’T GET TWC!), and was able to catch the end of the Royals game against Detroit, which included a rogue black squirrel on the field.  Jasper had a fun time watching the squirrel run around on the field.Photo Aug 06, 3 12 16 PMJasper also had lots of fun playing in the jungle of plants I have in my living room.  The airplane plant has lots of shoots; he’s been batting them and hiding under them.  Buy him toys, and he prefers to watch squirrels on TV and play in the plants.Photo Aug 07, 6 16 58 PMSide note, apparently most of the pictures I took last week had Jasper in them!

I scored a cute pair of running capris over the weekend, and took them out for a spin at yoga on Saturday, then a short run afterwards.Photo Aug 08, 11 15 30 AMAfter the short run on Saturday, which turned out to be a really HARD run, due to the fact that I stupidly didn’t eat anything before yoga, then decided to run, but waited 45 minutes before running… so basically I woke up at 8 and didn’t eat until after my run was over at 12:30, which turned out to be 2:00 by the time I showered and made it to the restaurant and stood in line for 30 minutes…. anyway, I was starving, and Oklahoma Joe’s had some delicious burnt ends.  They were so delicious.Photo Aug 08, 2 11 04 PMI finally got my spare bedroom all completely set up! I bought a new mattress last weekend, and this weekend, got a free (thanks Carmen!) bed frame for my old mattress, and set everything up Saturday.  It’s Jasper approved, of course.  Two paws up.Photo Aug 09, 11 21 55 AMSunday, I had another hard run, the air was so dang thick I could cut it with a knife.  I think part of the reason my runs have been so tough the last few days is because I donated blood last week, but the humidity, and stupidity of not eating before running also has a lot to do with it.  Anyway, I ran with Amy yesterday, and without her, I’m pretty sure I would have only made it a fraction of the miles.  Once I got home, I had a little project that I wanted to knock out while I was watching the Royals sweep the Chicago White Sox.  I finally got all my old race shirts, that I never wear, rolled and tucked away, so they take up way less space than they did before.  You can read how to do it here.Photo Aug 09, 5 01 50 PMWithout my run today, I’m at 30.5 miles for August so far, which is a tiny bit behind schedule for 100 miles in August.  I’ve also been drinking at least 120 ounces of water each day, which is necessary with the humidity and heat.  I foam rolled 4 times last week, which I need to improve on!

Happy 60th wedding anniversary to my grandparents, this Wednesday!

Have a great week, everyone!Photo Aug 09, 6 41 27 PM

2 thoughts on “Monday Mentionings: August 10

  1. You may want to pack some pins the first few races when you try those dots. When I ran the KS Half in Lawrence, the wind nearly ripped the pinned bib from my shirt. Not sure how well magnets would stand up to that either.

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