Monday Mentionings: August 3

I have lots of cat pictures to share this week!  First of all, happy Monday, and happy August!!  Can you believe it’s August? This year has gone by so fast.  Slow down, time!

Last Monday evening, I ran a couple miles on the treadmill and then used the weight machines at the clubhouse.  Verdict, treadmill running felt super duper easy compared to the heat and humidity, and my hamstrings are ridiculously weak on the weight machine.  I did some core work when I got back to my apartment, and Jasper helped out.

Photo Jul 27, 6 51 22 PM

I got my new glasses last week!  I had an eye appointment several weeks ago, and knew I needed a pair of backup glasses.  I almost never wear my glasses, but it was a good idea to get a pair ordered in case I need them.  I found a website,, where they sell super cheap glasses with prescription strength lenses.  I paid $20 and change for these glasses, with shipping! They are not the highest quality by any means, they have cheap plastic frames, and the lenses are not scratch or glare resistant, but for what I need them for, they’ll be perfect, and the price couldn’t be beat!  (I was not paid for this review, my thoughts are my own, and I purchased the glasses myself.)

Photo Jul 28, 5 20 37 PM

Thursday morning, Amy and I got up and ran 3 miles before I went to work, then we ran another 3.5 miles after work and then had dinner and drinks with the Thirsty Thursday KC Running Co. Groupies.  Needless to say, I was pooped by the time I got home, and was ready for bed in record time.

Photo courtesy of KC Running Co. Groupies Facebook page.

Photo courtesy of KC Running Co. Groupies Facebook page.

Saturday morning, I joined Amy for a free yoga class at Whole Foods, led by Annie with Surya Yoga.  It was a perfect, beautiful morning for yoga outside!  The class was quick moving, not a lot of time was spent in each pose.  I prefer a class that keeps me moving, but this was a bit quick for me! I like to hold the poses for a few seconds and really feel the burn, which didn’t really happen here, but it was a fun, new experience, and another opportunity to do yoga and break a sweat.

Photo Aug 01, 10 26 47 AM

Lots of playing with Jasper’s tube and bird feathers over weekend.  I’ve had his tube folded up and put away, because it’s crinkly loud and takes up a lot of space just laying around.  I get it out every month or two for him to play in/around for a week or so, then put it back away.  He’s had lots of fun stalking his bird feather toy.

Photo Aug 01, 4 46 55 PM

Photo Aug 01, 4 48 51 PM

Photo Aug 02, 5 56 22 PM

I had a huge adulting achievement this past weekend!  I bought a new mattress! It was delivered Sunday afternoon, and Jasper and I had to try it out for a bit.

Photo Aug 02, 3 58 46 PM

I wrote up my August Goals last night, with Jasper’s help.  Be sure to check it out, and share your goals with me! Let’s keep each other accountable!! I’m up to 14.5 miles for this month already!

Photo Aug 02, 6 07 31 PM

Have a great week, everyone, here’s the reminder for the week:

Photo Jul 29, 6 03 46 PM

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