Monday Mentionings: July 27

Last Monday evening, I ran a few miles in my old neighborhood after my chiropractor appointment. I was really excited to see my very favorite fountain in the center of a roundabout, but it was shut off! Boo! I stopped and took a few pictures of the flowers surrounding the fountain, because they were gorgeous in the evening light.  I also stopped my my favorite waterfall, and wished I could let the water run over my head.  It’s been H.O.T. lately!Photo Jul 26, 7 48 18 PMTuesday night was speed night at KCRC. We did 400m repeats, which used to scare the poo out of me, but I’m warming up to speed work.  I am getting faster and stronger with every groupie run I go to!Photo Jul 22, 3 58 39 PMWednesday, Amy and I woke up early (AHH early morning runs!) and got a few miles in before work.  Then, that night, we tailgated with KC Running Company and then watched the Royals beat the Pirates at the K.  KCRC got us all seats in the fountain area, and it was a really fun experience.  It was a gorgeous night, the weather, company, and baseball game were perfect!Photo Jul 23, 11 23 24 AMPhoto Jul 23, 11 26 13 AMPhoto Jul 26, 6 43 12 PMAnother highlight of my week was getting my new coloring books in the mail! My little sister and I always enjoyed coloring, and I’ve heard a lot about Adult Coloring Books lately, so I bought a couple from Amazon and have been enjoying them!  I highly suggest getting a coloring book if you need to de-stress!Photo Jul 26, 6 39 43 PMAfter spending the day eating Mexican with Michelle and swimming with Amy, I had a 5k on Saturday night.  Not a wise idea to swim outside in the heat all afternoon before running the Rock the Crossroads 5k in the heat and humidity! Anyway, it’s done, and you can read my recap here!Photo Jul 26, 6 41 54 PMYesterday, Amy and I managed to run a bit over 5 miles on tired legs nad bodies.  The heat and humidity (have you heard, it’s hot and humid here in KC!) are killer!

Last but not least, a couple Jazzy pics! Don’t worry, he’s not vicious, he’s just yawning!  Have a great week, friends!Photo Jul 26, 8 23 04 PM

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