Thursday’s Three: Morning Running

Some people are morning people.  They love waking up before the sun, starting their days as early birds.  Some are night people.  They stay up to all hours of the night, and get more done after everyone else goes to bed.  Me? I’m neither.  I HATE getting up early, and I’m ready to slumber when the sun goes down.

Let’s add in some Kansas summer heat and humidity into the mix.  I typically run after work during the week.  It’s WAY too hot to run after work, with temperatures in the high 90s, and humidity levels around 70-80%, and it ends up feeling like well over 100 degrees!  I’m all about running in the elements, but running when it’s that hot, humid, and sunny, well, that can be dangerous!

So what are my options?  I could run on the treadmill after work, but I hate the treadmill almost as much as I hate getting up early! I could not run, but that’s not really an option, now, is it?!  I’ve decided that getting up early (with the help of my running partner) is the best option!  For Thursday’s Three, I have my three favorite and three least favorite things about early morning running!runningecardBest things about running in the early morning:

1.  I get to see the sun rise.  It’s gorgeous every single day, and most days, I’m still in bed for it! I definitely need to see more sunrises.

2.  Lots of water intake early!  I typically drink 100-125 ounces of water per day, and I’ve noticed that the mornings I get up and run before work, I can easily have 80-90 ounces of water before noon!

3.  My run is DONE and I don’t have to think about it for the rest of the day.  I know I can just go home and relax after work.

Worst things about running in the early morning:

1.  Dang, it’s early.  Nobody should get up in the 4’s; the 4:00 hour is for sleeping!

2.  I have to pee so much in the morning (see: water consumption, above).  Also, I want to eat lunch at 10:00am!

3.  I kind of don’t know what day it is, without my scheduled runs in the evenings! I’ve had an evening running schedule for so long, that I have to think about what day it is when the run is done before work.

I’d love to know if you are a morning or evening runner, and what you do in this crazy heat.  And a huge special shoutout to Amy for kicking my butt out of bed and onto the trails.

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