Monday Mentionings: July 6

SO much happened over the weekend! I’m going to share a bunch of pictures and try to explain a bit.  I was off work Friday, for Independence Day, and I took my best friend Amy to Hays for the long holiday weekend.  We crammed as much Western Kansas down Amy’s throat as we could in 3 days!

First stop, HAYS sign!

Photo Jul 03, 11 04 35 AM

Lunch at Gutierrez on Friday.  Delicious.  Set the tone for an amazing weekend.

Photo Jul 03, 12 15 14 PM

Snoballs happened.  Multiple times.

Photo Jul 03, 1 15 37 PM

Quick walk around the block with Shay puppy on Friday evening.

Photo Jul 03, 5 41 06 PM

Dinner with Grandma and Granddad.  Dad grilled steaks and mom made cheesy potatoes.  Delicious.  Gordon got some lovin’ from Granddad.

Photo Jul 03, 7 24 24 PM

Saturday morning, 5k race time! Read my recap here!

Photo Jul 04, 9 34 22 AM

Snoballs to celebrate the race.  And snoballs are a must have for parade-watching, which we did.

Photo Jul 04, 9 56 34 AM

Top-down cruising in the Bug.  Summer, we are living you!

Photo Jul 04, 11 56 20 AM

Q burger for Amy.  She’s a Hays girl now.

Photo Jul 04, 12 35 06 PM

Pool time on the 4th of July? Yes please!

Photo Jul 04, 1 16 28 PM

Amy is all about the slides, ever since that first time at Black Bob Bay a couple weeks ago, we can’t keep her off them!

Photo Jul 04, 2 44 16 PM

Ava joined us at the pool for a while.  Girls rule the afternoon!

Photo Jul 04, 2 49 03 PM

Three slugs on a rug.  Or so my mom said, to which Amy died laughing.  Prime fireworks watching seats, front row center.

Photo Jul 04, 10 37 47 PM

Hays fireworks show is always a good one.

Photo Jul 04, 10 19 48 PM

Ready for a run on Sunday morning.  It was already steamy at 9:00am.  Took Shay for a couple miles then dropped her off to cool down.

Photo Jul 05, 9 06 20 AM

We drove down by Big Creek to finish our run, and happened across some buffaloes.

Photo Jul 05, 10 24 31 AM

Photo Jul 05, 10 25 04 AM

Amy’s all over this western Kansas prairie running business.  She’s got this, ya’ll.

Photo Jul 05, 10 42 48 AM

Twinning in our CERVs aviators.  Loved our time in Hays together.

Photo Jul 05, 3 53 46 PM

My best girl and me.  Love this one to pieces.Photo Jul 05, 3 54 52 PM

Best parents ever, and Amy’s now officially part of the family.  Thanks, Mom and Dad for a super fun filled 4th of July weekend.

Photo Jul 05, 3 54 16 PM

And one more snoball to take on the road.  Catch you next time, Hays.

Photo Jul 05, 4 13 06 PM

Did you have a good 4th? Any celebrating?

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