July Roundup

It’s that time again; time to recap my month in running! July is over, and with 6 and a half miles last night, I finished the month with 87 miles of running.  July’s totals were the highest since March of this year, when I had 93 miles.  You can read my previous months’ recaps here: January, February, March, April, May, and June.  My goal for this year is to run 950 miles, and with July’s 87 miles, I am going into August with 523.  With 5 months left in the year, I have at least 427 miles to run, and an average of 85.4 miles per moth will get me there!

Photo Jul 31, 2 42 08 PM

I had two races this month, one at the beginning and one at the end.  The Wild West 5k was on July 4, and Rock the Crossroads was on July 25.  I had a huge 2+ minute PR at the Wild West 5k, and quite the opposite at Rock the Crossroads! My race recaps are available here: Wild West 5k and Rock the Crossroads 5k.

Photo Jul 31, 3 45 30 PMPhoto Jul 31, 3 44 19 PM

I ran with the KC Running Co. Groupies 8 times, had a couple runs with Mom and Amy, one run with Mom and Dad (Dad biked!) and several runs with Amy outside of the group.  We had to get inventive and wake up at 5:00am many days (6 days!) during July to run before the sun came up, and before the temperatures got too hot.  July was a hot, humid, sticky month!  My longest run was 6.05 miles on July 19.  I did have a 6.5 mile day, when Amy and I ran 3 miles before I went to work, and then we ran 3.5 miles that night with the Groupies, and then had Thirsty Thursday dinner and drinks afterwards!

Photo Jul 30, 10 06 15 PM

Photo Jul 09, 7 04 41 PM

I’ve been continuing to see my chiropractor about every 2 weeks, and my hip/glute/hamstring issues are getting better.  My fingers are crossed that next week may be my last scheduled appointment, and that I be released and be a PRN patient after that! I’ve added some strength training during the last half of July, including 1 day of weights per week at my apartment’s gym.  I’ve also been going to yoga regularly, and will keep doing so.  Yoga is such a great supplemental training for both my mind and my body.

During July, I accomplished two of my (revised) goals for 2015! You can see my original goals for 2015 here.  I did a headstand with no support, and I got my 5k time under 30 minutes!  I have 3 10k’s coming up in the next two months, so I’m hopeful that I can PR in the 10k, and hopefully reach my 10k time goal as well.

Photo Jul 09, 6 00 14 PM

Looking forward to August, I have 1 race, on August 29, the Dot to Dot 10k, which kicks off the Heartland 30k series (3 10k’s in 5 weeks).  I hope to build my long run up to 8-9 miles by the end of August, and continue to work on speed and strength.  How did your July stack up? Any big goals for August?

T3: “Hit the Spot” Snacks

For todays’ Thursday’s Three, I’m going to share three of my favorite snacks that really hit the spot when I’m craving that “gotta have it” snack, especially sweets, salty snacks, and crunchy snacks.Photo Jul 29, 9 01 51 PMCinnamon Chex. As the package boasts, “A sweet dusting of real cinnamon and sugar flavors hug each gluten free crunchy, Cinnamon Chex™ Cereal square.” Does it get any more delicious than that!  I found these treasures a couple weeks ago, and have had them as a snack, as a breakfast, and as a dinner.  Sweet, crunchy, whole-grainy, triple score!

Trader Joe’s Partially Popped Popcorn.  I’m addicted to this stuff.  The Trader Joe’s product is one of a kind, and “has a blissful bite that exists somewhere between the extreme crunch of corn nuts and the tender chewiness of fresh, fully- popped corn.”  Popcorn is one of my favorite foods of all time, and I don’t get a chance to go to the movies as often as I did before, so this amazing partially popped popcorn really hits the spot when I’m craving popcorn or a salty, crunchy snack.  It just be may be my favorite snack ever.

Outshine Frozen Fruit Bars.  I don’t often eat ice cream, it tends to upset my stomach.  But I love a sweet, cold treat on occasion, especially with the crazy hot weather we’ve been having.  I first had an Outshine Fruit Bar after a particularly hot KC run.  We finished up our run, and KC Running Co. had frozen fruit bars for us to cool off with.  I picked up a box the next time I was at the grocery store, and have enjoyed them since! I love them because they are sweet, yet have no added sugar, and they even have bits of real fruit!  They are the perfect cold treat, and I don’t feel at all guilty having one!

What are your favorite go-to snacks?

Monday Mentionings: July 27

Last Monday evening, I ran a few miles in my old neighborhood after my chiropractor appointment. I was really excited to see my very favorite fountain in the center of a roundabout, but it was shut off! Boo! I stopped and took a few pictures of the flowers surrounding the fountain, because they were gorgeous in the evening light.  I also stopped my my favorite waterfall, and wished I could let the water run over my head.  It’s been H.O.T. lately!Photo Jul 26, 7 48 18 PMTuesday night was speed night at KCRC. We did 400m repeats, which used to scare the poo out of me, but I’m warming up to speed work.  I am getting faster and stronger with every groupie run I go to!Photo Jul 22, 3 58 39 PMWednesday, Amy and I woke up early (AHH early morning runs!) and got a few miles in before work.  Then, that night, we tailgated with KC Running Company and then watched the Royals beat the Pirates at the K.  KCRC got us all seats in the fountain area, and it was a really fun experience.  It was a gorgeous night, the weather, company, and baseball game were perfect!Photo Jul 23, 11 23 24 AMPhoto Jul 23, 11 26 13 AMPhoto Jul 26, 6 43 12 PMAnother highlight of my week was getting my new coloring books in the mail! My little sister and I always enjoyed coloring, and I’ve heard a lot about Adult Coloring Books lately, so I bought a couple from Amazon and have been enjoying them!  I highly suggest getting a coloring book if you need to de-stress!Photo Jul 26, 6 39 43 PMAfter spending the day eating Mexican with Michelle and swimming with Amy, I had a 5k on Saturday night.  Not a wise idea to swim outside in the heat all afternoon before running the Rock the Crossroads 5k in the heat and humidity! Anyway, it’s done, and you can read my recap here!Photo Jul 26, 6 41 54 PMYesterday, Amy and I managed to run a bit over 5 miles on tired legs nad bodies.  The heat and humidity (have you heard, it’s hot and humid here in KC!) are killer!

Last but not least, a couple Jazzy pics! Don’t worry, he’s not vicious, he’s just yawning!  Have a great week, friends!Photo Jul 26, 8 23 04 PM