June Roundup

2015 is half over.  TIME FLIES.  June has been a good month, as far as running is concerned.  82.5 miles for June, and I’ll take it!  As always, you can catch up on my previous running roundups here: January, February, March, April, and May.  My running goals for the year are here, and my updated goals are here.  With 82.5 miles for June, my total for the first half of 2015 is 436.  With 436 for the year, I need 514 in the next 6 months to reach my goal of 950 miles, which averages out to 86 miles per month.  I’m feeling good about how my running has been feeling lately.Photo Jun 13, 2 24 39 PMI have continued to see the chiropractor once or twice per week, and my hamstring and glute issues are getting better, but I’m still a work in progress.  I have a very weak and non-activating right glute, but I’m happy to report my runs are much more pain-free than they were a month ago.  I’m continuing to do strengthening exercises to help my glute know what it’s supposed to be doing, and will continue to do so until it get’s it’s rear in shape.  I also bought a new pair of shoes in June, which I think is contributing to my pain improvement.  I got a pair of Hokas after Hospital Hill, and started breaking them in the week after the race.

June started out with some fun, as National Running Day was June 3.  KC Running Company had a fun group run and party to celebrate.  I had 1 race in June, the Hospital Hill Half Marathon. My race recap for Hospital Hill is here.Photo Jun 06, 6 31 10 AMI ran with the KCRC Groupies 9 times in June, and had several runs with Amy outside of the Groupies as well.  My longest run for June, besides the half marathon on June 6, was  5.2 mile run with the Groupies on June 23.  I had four 5+ mile runs in June, which is the most 5+ in a while!

I volunteered one race in June, the Glow Run 5k, which was at Kemper Arena.  It was a fun and lighthearted race to volunteer.  I’ve continued to practice yoga about once a week, and I think the slow stretching is helping my hamstrings and glute loosen up a bit.Photo Jun 27, 8 56 21 PMLooking forward to July, I have two 5k’s scheduled, the Wild West 5k in Hays over 4th of July weekend, and the Rock the Crossroads 5k at the end of the month, in the Crossroads district of downtown KC, with a concert afterwards!  This summer is all about building up a strong base for the 10ks and half marathons coming up this fall!

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