Monday Mentionings: June 29

Welcome to the first Monday Mentionings! Or I could say, Thursday Thoughts… now on Mondays! I’ve been thinking, for a while, of moving Thursday Thoughts to Monday.  It is easier to recap the previous week on a Monday rather than a Thursday.  So here we have it, Monday Mentionings!  I hope to have something special for Thursdays coming up soon too, so worry not, my loyal readers, you’ll still have something to read on Thursdays!

Friday night, the weather was so beautiful (upper 70’s, sunny, breezy), I went for a run when I got off work.  A beautiful 5 miles later, Jazzy and I cooled off on the balcony and watched the evening roll in.

Photo Jun 26, 6 59 13 PM

This has become a norm in my kitchen.  Jasper’s favorite fascination is watching the water boil.  I shoo him off the counter, and he jumps back on.  He never gets any closer, but he keeps a close eye on the water for me.  The old saying is “a watched pot never boils,” well, Jasper hasn’t heard that I guess…

Photo Jun 26, 7 34 58 PMSaturday morning, Amy and I ran 4 miles, and again, the weather was unseasonably beautiful and cool! Afterwards, we treated our feet and calves to some pampering and pedicures.  I also posted a fun running survey, if you have an extra minute, let me know your answers!

Photo Jun 27, 9 51 36 AM

We had to go check out Scheels, which had it’s grand opening on Saturday.  That store is H.U.G.E!  It is basically a little mall!  There is a Ferris wheel, several games/simulations (bowling, golfing, soccer, shooting and more), tons of “photo ops,” a cafeteria, and clothes and gear for every kind of sport imaginable.  It was really fun to walk around and see everything.  Amy and I did not ride the Ferris wheel, but we learned all the games or simulations or attractions are 1 token, which is $1.

Photo Jun 27, 11 44 53 AM

Photo Jun 28, 3 57 02 PM

Photo Jun 27, 11 13 48 AM

Saturday night, Amy and I volunteered the Glow Run, at Kemper Arena.  The run was at 9:00pm, so the runners had glow sticks, glow paint, and other glow in the dark stuff, and got to run a 5k around Kemper, which also included Glow Tunnels and a concert/dance in the parking lot after the run.  It was a lot of fun to volunteer, but Amy said past Glow Runs (held at Arrowhead Stadium) were run more smoothly.  There was come confusion as to what we were to do, and it didn’t really seem like anyone was in charge of things at the race.  Alas, we did our duty, and had fun together!

Photo Jun 27, 8 35 45 PM

Photo Jun 27, 8 56 21 PM

Yesterday, Amy and I ran with the group, we did 5 miles, which felt like 10! Our legs were tired, but we were happy to be out there on the trails, and the weather was nice once again.  We have had a weekend of nice weather to spoil us!

For the second weekend in a row, I have gone to the store to get my produce, and cut it all up and portioned it out for the week, so it’s super easy to grab and take to work.  Adulting done right!  (And grandma, if you’re reading, YES, I recycle my bags and use them again if I don’t tear them!)

Photo Jun 28, 4 01 08 PM

Jasper enjoyed a lazy Sunday afternoon too.

Photo Jun 28, 4 09 19 PM

I hope everyone has a great week! I’m looking forward to the 4th of July weekend, Amy and I are going to Hays to spend time with my family, run the Wild West 5k, and show Amy small town Kansas in Hays America!

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