Thursday Thoughts: June 25

This Thursday Thoughts post is kind of all over the place today, but alas, here we go!  

Last Thursday the Groupies had a fun and humid run! We are all still getting used to the warm weather and humidity.  So here’s a story for you: Monday, I ran on my own near my apartment, and spent the entire run thinking about how much I wanted to jump in the pool.  I had planned on taking off my running skirt and shoes and jumping in after my run, and the pool was closed! What to do, what to do?!  I found a strategically placed rock (boulder), and was able to scale the fence! That water felt so good.  I had a bit of a hard time trying to get back over the fence when I was all wet, and had no rock to step on!Photo Jun 18, 6 11 22 PMThe food truck came to work last Friday! Carmen and I walked over and were able to get some delicious cherry smoked chicken nachos.  They were delicious.  I wish I could have them again this week! The food truck stops by occasionally, and we will definitely have to watch their schedule and eat there again!Photo Jun 19, 12 57 56 PMI was eating some kiwi and berries the other day, and Jasper jumped up and was interested.  I held out the kiwi slice to him, and to my great surprise, he licked an licked that kiwi! I later learned (Thanks Hector), that cats are attracted to kiwi, and there is a chemical in the kiwi plant that is also in a catnip plant.  No wonder he loved it so much!  

Belle and I had an IKEA date over the weekend! We had never been to IKEA before, so we definitely had to check it out! The IKEA in KC opened last fall, and it was a blast to visit! It took us about an hour and a half to walk through the showroom and marketplace.  We knew it would be a maze-like layout, and it was, but it didn’t feel crowded or overly maze-like.  It was really fun to look at all the rooms and decorations.Photo Jun 20, 12 57 22 PMAnother Jazzy picture… He was playing with his goldfish, and I grabbed it and tossed it on the floor in front of him.  This is as far as he made it.  He just looked at for several seconds, then rolled over and went to sleep.Photo Jun 21, 11 11 18 AMI tagged along to the pool with Amy and her family last weekend too, which was a blast! We went to Black Bob Bay, spent some time on the lazy river, jumped off the diving boards, and went down the slides.  I was proud of Amy for going down the slides for the first time ever!Photo Jun 21, 1 46 40 PMOne last Jazzy pic for the week.  We spent about an hour outside Tuesday night.  It rained really hard Tuesday afternoon, and the rain cooled everything off.  After a 5 mile Groupie run, Jasper and I enjoyed the evening on the balcony.Photo Jun 23, 8 13 19 PMThis morning, I planned to get up and run 4 miles at 5:00am. I didn’t. I did wake up at 5:00, and when I looked at the weather, I realized it would be cooler and perfect to run tomorrow! I usually take Friday’s off running, but I switched my rest day to today and got another hour of sleep! I was going to get up and run early because I have dinner plans with a second cousin on my Dad’s side, we are going to Oklahoma Joe’s! He’s from Lincoln, Nebraska, and was in KC for a conference, and I’m excited to share in his first Oklahoma Joe’s experience!

Have a great Thursday, friends.

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