Royals Royals Royals!

My parents came to KC over the weekend, and we went to 2 steaming hot Royals games, and had a hugely fun filled weekend!  But first, last Thursday night, I went to a Royals game too, with Amy and her family!

Photo Jun 09, 2 36 36 PM

Friday night, my parents came into town, and we ate dinner at the Blue Moose Bar and Grill.  I had some delicious Chicken Mac.  Mom took the picture below, and said she thought the only Blue Moose in KC was Mike Moustakas!  Afterwards, we went back to my apartment and watched the rest of the Royals game on TV. Photo Jun 09, 2 38 09 PM

Saturday morning, we were up and out the door by 5:30am, for my Hospital Hill Half Marathon.  I’ll recap the race as soon as race pics are up online, later this week.  Mom and Dad cheered and waited around for me to finish, then we went to the Royals game!  We got super lucky and got a free premium parking pass, and parked right next to the gate.  Then, we got super unlucky, and I locked my keys in my trunk.  #facepalm  I can’t believe I locked my keys in my car!  We went into the stadium, and were too late for a Cain Bobble Head, so then I called Emergency Roadside Assistance, and only missed about 5 minutes of the first part of the game when they came to unlock my car.  At least it was before we wanted to leave!

Photo Jun 06, 12 41 15 PM

Photo Jun 06, 12 40 45 PM

Unfortunately, the Royals lost, but we still had a great time, and didn’t get TOO sunburned. Saturday night, we ate at Jack Stack Barbecue and did a bit of shopping, then headed to my apartment for an early night; we were all tired from the long day outside.  Sunday morning, Mom and I went to the KCRC Groupies run, and she ran with me for a shakeout run after the half marathon.

We ate breakfast after, and got ready for the Sunday Royals game.  I remembered to take my keys and not lock them in the trunk this time! Our seats for the Saturday game were in the Right Outfield upper level, and for Sunday, our seats were the complete opposite! Lowest level, on first base, just behind the dugout.  We were able to watch the players warm up a bit, and we walked around the stadium before the game started.

The game itself was very exciting, and very hot! The sun beat down on us for both games, but we kept applying sunscreen, and Mom and I only got burnt a little bit.  When Salvy homered in the 8th inning, it was so cool to hear the whole stadium chanting SALVY, SALVY, SALVY!  The Royals won by one, and we were right there to see it all.

Photo Jun 07, 11 58 14 AM

Photo Jun 07, 12 09 35 PM

Photo Jun 07, 1 12 32 PM

Photo Jun 07, 12 48 07 PM

After the game, we went to eat at Ted’s Cafe for an early dinner, and were hot, and tired, and back to my apartment pretty early.  We chilled for the rest of the night, and Monday morning, Mom and Dad headed home.  It was a super busy weekend, but tons of fun; I’m so glad my parents were able to come down and so glad the Royals won on Sunday!  Mom and Dad, thank you for an amazing weekend!

Photo Jun 07, 3 50 56 PM

Photo Jun 07, 6 48 32 PM

I just read on the news today, that 7 Royals players currently have the top votes for the All-Star Game, which is pretty cool! You can read about the story and vote here if you want to make sure as many Royals as possible end up All-Stars!

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  3. Thanks for the link to vote for the Royals! I forgot I was going to do that! I was in town this weekend for the race and went to the Sunday game too 🙂

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